14 - 20 November 2014

UK Parliament

The United Kingdom Parliament.

Events by UK Parliament

8 Nov 2014

Accountability Hack

Interested in how Parliament works; how public sector expenditure is audited; or the key statistics generated by the public sector? Then come to #AccHack14 incorporating #ParlyHack14 National Audit Office, Office of National Statistics and Parliament are holding a joint hack event to look at how they use each others information;… Read more »

13 Nov 2014

Plug Into Politics

Are you in your 20s or 30s? Feeling disconnected from politics, but want to make a difference? Join us for an informal ‘Parliament Week 2014’ event and meet experts from around the North East who have first-hand involvement with politics and find out: How politics works in the UK: what… Read more »

14 Nov 2014

UK Youth Parliament Annual Sitting 2014

The UK Youth Parliament’s (UKYP) annual sitting takes place on Friday 14th November in the House of Commons. The Members of the Youth Parliament will debate five issues chosen by a ballot of young people across the UK, and then vote to decide which two issues should become the UKYP’s… Read more »

17 Nov 2014

Working with Select Committees

In advance of the Transport Select Committee holding a public evidence session at the University of Manchester later the same day, the Houses of Parliament Outreach Service will hold a ‘Working with Select Committees’ workshop at the University of Manchester, starting at 10am and featuring the Clerk of the Transport… Read more »