Favourite Parliamentary Moment of the Year – 2011

Here’s a bit of seasonal fun from your favourite website.  We are looking for the best parliamentary moment of 2011 and, to get you in the mood, here is ours in the link below.  The incident we have chosen was covered by many of the media so the You Tube link doesn’t imply any favouritism on our behalf.  As you would expect, W4MP is – and always will be –  scrupulously ‘balanced’….or something…..

Update 21 Dec. The truth will out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-16283295!

Now, can you do better?  There’s a small prize for the ‘best’ offering – as judged by our totally impartial and sober panel and we will add some worthy runners-up to this page as they come in.

Send your offering, together with suitable links and your contact details, to us at editor@w4mp.org. We will just put your initials (not your name) next to any suggestions we add here.

Suggestions can be visual or in words but ideally not longer than 100 words. We will look much more kindly on items which are funny rather than political point scoring.

Deadline for entries is 31 December 2011

W4MP Editor

Updated 21 December 2011
Added 19 December 2011