Research publications

Research produced by the Libraries of both Houses and by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Research briefings

Research briefings produced by the Libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)

Devolution: after the Scottish referendum

This page links to articles which explored the potential impact on the UK of Scottish independence. The articles, written before the referendum vote, have now been archived and new analysis of the possible constitutional changes will be published ...

Parliament and constitution research

A selection of research papers and standard notes produced by the House of Commons Library on subjects such as: central government, constitution, Crown, devolution, elections, Parliament, and political parties.

Key issues for the New Parliament 2010

This briefing was prepared by Commons Library researchers for Members of the new Parliament in 2010. It includes analysis of a range of subjects - from public finances to parliamentary reform and from the UK's energy mix to strategic defence options.

Olympic Britain

Olympic Britain tells the story of social and economic change in the UK since the two previous London Games in 1908 and 1948, using data visualisations to bring to life a period during which so much has changed beyond recognition, much like the Olympics.