Public Bill Seminars

Parliamentary Outreach holds regular free seminars providing information on how to engage with Parliament’s scrutiny of legislation.

The seminars are part of Parliament’s efforts to encourage greater engagement with legislative scrutiny.

What do the bill seminars look at?

A typical Bill Seminar includes information on:

  • submitting evidence to a Public Bill Committee in the Commons
  • engaging with members of the Lords as they consider a Bill
  • accessing independent House of Commons Library research
  • tracking the progress of a Bill online
  • understanding secondary legislation

Experts from the Houses of Parliament are on hand at each seminar to answer any questions on the parliamentary scrutiny of a Bill.

Recent Public Bill events

The most recent Publlic Bill Seminar took place on Thursday 16 October 2014 from 7-9pm in Dorchester Town Hall, High East Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1HF.

A Public Bill Seminar took place on Friday 18 July 2014 from 2-4pm in Liverpool in the The Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool, 22 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT.

Further information

If you are interested in find out more information or in attending a future Public Bill Seminar, please contact Parliamentary Outreach by telephone on 020 7219 1650 or by e-mail at

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