Search Engine: Help page

The parliamentary website has a simple search which we are currently working to improve. As part of this project, over the next few months, we will be releasing further improvements to search as well as new search functionality.

If you have any questions about the results produced by the search service or would like to provide feedback relating to search then please contact

Advanced search

We have recently removed the advanced search function due to the problems with the use of the form. However we are looking to re-instate this functionality and would appreciate feedback on what you would like to see from an advanced search service.

As part of this work we would be particularly interested in finding out more from anyone who has used the advanced search function. 

  • Have you tried to use advanced search on the Parliament website?
  • What were you trying to find?
  • What fields would you like to see/how would you like to refine your search results?

Please forward any feedback relating to advanced search to

Search tips – phrase and Boolean searches

The phrase and Boolean search functionality can be replicated by using advanced search options provided by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You can select the domain/site as and the "all of these words" words fields to complete searches for exact phrases.

Alternatively, you can add to the main search field followed by the words or phrases in "quotation marks".

Searching Hansard

To conduct phrase searches within Hansard you can use the following searches in an external search engine.

Commons Hansard

Add the following query into the main search field:

And add the key word or phrases to the end of the query. For example:

inurl:cmhansrd housing

Or for a phrase, inurl:cmhansrd "Olympic and Paralympic legacy"

Lords Hansard

Add the following query into the main search field:

And add the key word or phrases to the end of the query. For example:

inurl:ldhansrd housing

Or for a phrase, inurl:ldhansrd "Olympic and Paralympic legacy"


Listen to our series of audio tours of Parliament. You can listen to them online, with an accompanying slideshow, or download them to listen to later.

Watch Parliament TV

Parliament's video and audio channel carries live and archived coverage of proceedings including PMQs, debates and committee meetings in both Houses.

Information about Pdf Readers

This page sets out information about Pdf Readers and how to use them as the website does have a lot of Pdf material such as Research Papers and Library Notes which require certain software to be on users' computers.