Election Toolkit

Election Toolkit

Run a mock election to help your students understand and experience the process in the run up to the 2015 General Election.


Run a mock election with the Election Toolkit, a fun and flexible resource to enable teachers and students to get their own election up off the ground. The kit includes everything you will need to get started including a ballot box, polling station poster, party rosettes, electoral registers and poll cards and a handy instructional poster and PowerPoint to keep you on track.

This resource is suitable for secondary, 6th form students and colleges and priority will be given to those requests in the first instance (subject to availability). The kit will be available to download here shortly and primary school teachers who wish to use this resource are welcome to access these files.

Practical information

To order an election toolkit for delivery please email your full establishment name, address and postcode to EdComs

One kit is available per school and can be used multiple times. Please note - orders are processed every Thursday at 3pm. Once processed, please anticipate delivery by courier within ten working days. Orders made during the school holiday period will be delivered once the holiday has ended.

Associated Resources

Election Toolkit PowerPoint
Open and print or download this PowerPoint to use in a session alongside the Election Toolkit. It contains an adaptable lesson plan and general guide.

Election Toolkit Replenish Kit
Run out of Poll Cards? Need more Voter Profile Sheets? Open and print this PDF to replenish all the customisable parts of your Election Toolkit.

Election Poster Replenish Kit
Lost your Polling Station poster? Damaged your Manifesto Posters? Open and print this PDF to replenish the posters found in your Election Toolkit. (for best results print to A3)