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Take part in the #DoDemocracy campaign

The #DoDemocracy campaign, which will be running during Parliament Week this year, will reveal what young people really care about and share the most popular issues with Parliament!

Get your students involved...

1. Using the postcards, encourage your students to write a change they want to see, or would like made, next to the hashtag

2. Get them to take a selfie/photo of their postcard

3. Post their photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #DoDemocracy and their own hashtag.

Other ways to get involved

  • Your students can take part in Parliament Week's series of social media events with MPs and other high profile figures. You can find out more on the Parliament Week Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Attend our Parliament Week events and share what you’ve discovered with Parliament Week via #DoDemocracy. Search for events taking place near you
  • Spread the word about Do Democracy through your social media channels, why not tweet a vlog or blog about the democracy you’re doing?

Take a look through the Do Democracy booklet for further ideas on how to get involved with the #Do Democracy campaign.



Do Democracy booklet

Do Democracy booklet

Ideas about how to get your students involved in the Do Democracy campaign

pdf file - 3.02 MB

Do Democracy postcards

Do Democracy postcards

Do Democracy branded postcards for students to write on

pdf file - 182 KB

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