Explore Westminster Hall app

Explore Westminster Hall app

Download the free Explore Westminster Hall app and add a new dimension to your visit to Parliament.

Meet a 3D animated Charles I, discover the hidden features of the Hall, see the famous roof as never before and explore many other interactive and augmented reality experiences.

The app brings the past to life in the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster, providing an immersive experience of the history, architecture, atmosphere and, above all, the characters associated with Westminster Hall over the thousand years since it was built. 

During your visit, use the signboards located around the Hall to trigger experiences on your mobile device. You'll be able to navigate the Hall virtually and focus in more detail on areas of specific interest, such as the famous hammer beam roof or the Jubilee Window. You'll even get to meet a 3D Charles I speaking at his trial and take a ‘selfie’ with him to share with friends!

Headphones are required to hear the narration, or a subtitle option is available.


At home experience

The Explore Westminster Hall app has been designed for use in Westminster Hall. However if you are unable to visit Parliament then feel free to download and print out the seven app markers which you can use to trigger the experiences at home.

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Houses of Parliament Shop

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