Parliament and Women

There are more women in the UK Parliament today than ever before. Just over one fifth of all MPs and members of the House of Lords are now women. 

Here you can find all the latest news, research and resources from the UK Parliament on women's political rights and representation - yesterday and today.

Women in Parliament Today

Learn more about the women working in Parliament today and some of the special parliamentary roles that women currently hold

The Vote and Beyond: a History

Find out more about the history of the campaign for women’s votes and women's representation in the House of Commons and House of Lords

Towards Equality

What is being done to encourage men and women to play a more equal part in UK politics and government?

Events and Outreach

Find out more information about events for women taking place in Parliament and around the UK

Women: Making a difference

An overview with statistics on the increasing number of women in Parliament, brief profiles of selected women MPs and key pieces of legislation that have been pioneered by women.

Latest research from Parliament

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All future parliamentary business is provisional and may be subject to change.