Lords debates economic leadership for UK cities

11 December 2014

Members of the Lords, including several former councillors and a former chair of the Local Government Association, will debate the case for enabling economic leadership in cities on Thursday 11 December.

This is a balloted debate. During debates, Lords are able to put their experience to good use, checking and challenging the government.

The debate was proposed by Lord Shipley (Liberal Democrat), a former Newcastle city councillor. Speaking ahead of the debate he said:

'This is not about creating lots of independent city states. It is about empowering our cities within a national framework so that  they can grow faster, and contribute and retain higher tax revenues. It is about bringing local government closer together across boundaries so that they do not operate as geographical silos.'

Other speakers expected to contribute include:

  • Lord Adonis (Labour), shadow Treasury spokesman
  • Baroness Eaton (Conservative), Bradford councillor and former chair of the Local Government Association
  • Lord Teverson (Liberal Democrat), former Cornwall councillor. 

Lord Goddard of Stockport (Liberal Democrat), Baroness Janke (Liberal Democrat) and Lord Scriven (Liberal Democrat), are expected to make their maiden speeches during the debate.

Baroness Williams of Trafford (Conservative), former leader of Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, will respond on behalf of the government.

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