St George's Day

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23 April 2014

To mark St George’s Day on 23 April the Art in Parliament website explore images relating to England and its patron saint in the Houses of Parliament.

Saint George is said to have been a Roman soldier who was tortured and beheaded for refusing to take part in Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians in the early 4th century. According to legend he famously fought and killed a dragon. He has been the patron saint of England since the 14th century.

The Palace of Westminster was constructed following the destruction of the old Houses of Parliament by fire in 1834. As the purpose-built home for the United Kingdom’s legislature it was decorated with many images and symbols relating to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Further information

Image: Sir Edward Poynter, 'Saint George for England', 1870 (WOA 4257)

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