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05.11.2014Service industries
Service industries: Data incorporating the retail sector, the financial sector, the public sector, business administration and cultural activities .
24.10.2014Retail sales: economic indicators
Retail sales: key indicators on the value of retail sales.
02.04.2014Industrial policy since 2010
Industrial policy is the way that government supports industry to boost the economy. This note surveys industrial policy since 2010.
25.09.2013Industries in the UK
This note presents data on the value and relative contribution of major industries to the UK economy
02.08.2012Supermarkets : competition inquiries into the groceries market
This note looks at long-running concerns about the dominance of the four major supermarkets in the UK groceries market - and the two inquiries undertaken by the competition authorities in the last decade.
23.11.2010Parliamentary Material on Royal Mail to May 2010
This note provides information and links to Parliamentary information on the Post Office and Royal Mail Post Offices to May 2010.
19.10.2010Supermarkets Controls over Buyer Power
This note deals with concerns that the four large supermarkets are so large that farmers and other suppliers are not paid a fair price for their produce
02.03.2010EU bibliographies: Services Directive
This Note brings together documents relevant to the "Services Directive", its scrutiny in the UK and EU, and its implementation in the UK.
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01.06.2009Health Bill [HL]: Tobacco control provisions (Bill 97 2008-09)
Part 3 of the Health Bill (HL) 2008-09 contains tobacco control provisions designed to protect children and young people from the harm caused by smoking. This paper provides information on current legislation and policy in respect of the display and sale of tobacco products from retail premises and vending machines as well as outlining the changes proposed in the Bill.