This short video clip gives a lively response to your students questions about Parliament. In its own words it is: ‘a high speed, blah blah-free guide to Parliament and government.’

Students can also watch Democracy? You Decide by author and journalist Danny Wallace.

Time required: 5 minute video plus optional reading

Learning outcomes

Students should:

  • Find out the differences between Parliament and government
  • Understand that Parliament is made up of three things: the Commons, the Lords and the monarch
  • Understand how Members of both the Commons and the Lords scrutinise government decisions
  • Watch clips of MPs standing to ask challenging questions in the House of Commons chamber
  • View Members of the House of Lords asking questions in committees

Students could:

  • Follow the recommended web links to read more about the work and role of Parliament
  • Read more in-depth information about the difference between Parliament and government
  • Watch more videos in the ‘You’ve got the power’ series of animated films

Practical information

  • This video clip uses Adobe Flash Player
  • This video is also available on YouTube for you to embed on your own site or blog. Parliament’s Education Service has more than 30 educational videos on its dedicated YouTube channel
  • Note that since this video was produced, the number of constituencies in the UK has changed to 650


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