Wales outreach

The Houses of Parliament Outreach service in Wales aims to create awareness of the work of Parliament and show how the debates and decisions of the House of Commons and House of Lords are relevant to the area.

The Parliamentary Outreach service also promotes engagement with the processes of Parliament, demonstrating how the public can get involved at a local and national level.  

Recent examples of Outreach training for organisations in Wales

The following are recent examples of the types of events that Parliamentary Outreach can organise or participate in:

  • Wrexham - 30 September and 1 October 2014
    Train the Trainer -  a two day facilitator training programme, enabling organisations to deliver approved quality training about Parliament and getting involved.
  • Cardiff - 28 October 2014
    Workshop on how Parliament works for Civil Servants from all over Wales. Organised in partnership with Civil Service Local (external website).
  • Aberystwyth - 29 October 2014
    Informal workshop for academics and researchers at Aberystwyth University on Parliament and Research, part of our new Outreach programme focusing on Universities.
  • Holyhead - 4 November 2014
    Workshop on how Parliament works and getting involved with what happens in Parliament for The Voice project.

Upcoming workshops, events and training in Wales

  • Cardiff  - 7 November 2014
    A Beginners Guide to Parliament. Free workshop organised in partnership with Chwarae Teg (external website).

Working with Parliamentary Outreach

In partnership with organisations such as Voices for Change Cymru, and Minority Ethnic Women's Network Wales, Parliamentary Outreach in Wales organises and participates in free training sessions, events and exhibitions.

The Parliamentary Outreach team are looking to develop partnerships and new audiences for events and sessions in Wales. Please do get in touch if you would like more information about using our free service.

If you are interested in holding an event with Parliamentary Outreach, please contact Liz Price at

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Contact details

For further information on how your organisation can get involved with Parliamentary Outreach in Wales, please contact:

Liz Price
Parliamentary Outreach
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 0AA
T: 020 7219 4993 

Welsh Affairs Committee

The Welsh Affairs Committee is a select committee of the House of Commons.

It examines reserved matters within the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Wales (including relations with the National Assembly for Wales).

Devolution and reserved powers

The National Assembly for Wales has responsibility for a number of matters (known as devolved matters). These include health, education and housing.

However, the UK Parliament still has responsibility for certain matters (known as reserved matters) including:

  • Civil and criminal law
  • Constitutional matters
  • Foreign policy, defence and relations with the EU
  • Taxation
  • Overseas trade
  • Employment legislation and social security
Welsh Referendum 2011

On 3 March 2011, a referendum was held in Wales on whether the National Assembly should be able to make laws on the 20 areas for which it has powers, without first needing the UK Parliament's agreement to give the Assembly the necessary powers.These new powers came into force on 5 May 2011 after 63.5 per cent voted in favour.