Renewable energy

This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on renewable energy. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Standard Notes

24.07.2014Energy Storage R&D
There is a widely held view that electricity storage has a role to play in the future of energy, helping to integrate increasing levels of renewable generation into the UK generation mix
24.06.2014Green Investment Bank
The Government has announced the creation of a Green Investment Bank to stimulate investment in green technologie. This note includes details of its role and its location.
14.05.2014Planning for onshore wind farms
This note sets out issues to do with the planning process for onshore wind and proposals for reform. It applies to England only.
14.05.2014Carbon Price Floor
Details of the Carbon Floor Price and the Governemnts annoucnemnt to freeze prices until 2020
04.09.2013Energy Use: Social Indicators page
Trends in sources of UK energy and generation

Research Papers

12.03.2013Energy Bill: Committee Stage Report
This paper complements Library Research Paper 12/79 on the Energy Bill 2012-13. It covers the Bill's Second Reading and Committee Stages. The Bill seeks to implement electricity market reform and introduces 'contracts for difference' to support all forms of low carbon generation, including nuclear. Government amendments made during Committee Stage related to cheaper energy tariffs and setting a decarbonisation target.
13.12.2012Energy Bill
The Energy Bill [Bill 100 of 2012-13] seeks to implement 'electricity market reform' and through this achieve 'secure, clean and affordable' electricity supplies. The Bill was introduced to the Commons on 29 November 2012 and will have its Second Reading debate on 19 December 2012. A draft Bill was subject to pre-legislative scrutiny by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.
30.06.2009Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill: Committee Stage Report
Report of the Commons Committee Stage of the Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill. This is a Private Member's Bill, introduced by Peter Ainsworth, which seeks to define and promote "green energy".
12.05.2009Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill (Bill 15 of 2008-09)
The Bill seeks to define and promote 'green energy'. It aims to facilitate the development of green energy by: requiring a review and revision of the Government's Microgeneration Strategy including feed-in tariffs; changing permitted development rights in planning law; and ensuring that green energy installations do not result in higher council tax or rates bills.
22.10.2008Climate Change Bill [HL]: Committee Stage Report
Climate Change Bill. (Bill 129 of 2007/08) House of Commons Library Research Paper 08/79.

Select Committee Reports

21.06.2011Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee.
Merits of Statutory Instruments Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]
23.11.2010Funding the development of the renewable energy technologies.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]
07.07.2009The EU's renewable energy target and the revision of the emissions trading system: Follow-up report.
European Union Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]
12.02.2009Government response to the report on The Economics of Renewable Energy.
Government response. Economic Affairs Select Committee (HL) report [Lords]

Early Day Motions

That this House regrets the comments of HRH Duke of Edinburgh on wind farms; and believes that such comments reinforce the wisdom of the convention that members of the Royal Family ...
That this House is concerned that social housing tenants are being denied savings of up to 180 per year on their energy bills as well as subsidised energy efficiency measures because ...
That this House is concerned that increased use of biomass and bioliquids for electricity generation is likely to have substantial negative impacts on global hunger, biodiversity and ...
That this House recalls the previous administration's decision to introduce a national solar photovoltaic feed-in tariff scheme throughout the UK to encourage users to switch to green ...
That this House condemns the UK Government's proposed cuts to feed-in tariffs for solar panels; believes that these cuts will be a body blow to a sector in which many businesses have ...

Lords Library Notes

13.06.2013Energy Bill (HL Bill 30 of 2013-14)
The Energy Bill is intended to establish a framework for delivering secure, affordable and low-carbon energy. This Library Note provides background information for the second reading of the Bill in the House of Lords on 18 June 2013.
08.01.2010Debate on 14th January: The Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change. LLN 2010/001
Debate on 14th January: The Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change. This Library Note aims to provide background reading for the debate to be held on Thursday 14th January: 'To call attention to the outcome of the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change' The UN Conference on Climate Change took place in Copenhagen from 7th-19th December 2009. This Note explains the significance of the Conference in the context of previous international agreements on climate change, sets out the major disagreements that marred the negotiating process in Copenhagen and summarises the key elements contained in the final Copenhagen Accord. It considers analysis of the Accord's achievements and shortcomings, and summarises the reactions of key nations and interest groups.

POST Papers

29.05.2014Intermittent Electricity Generation
Sources of electricity that exhibit uncontrolled increases or decreases in output are often referred to as intermittent. This POSTnote examines the effect of wind, solar, wave and tidal intermittency on electricity prices, carbon dioxide emissions and the provision of electricity to meet demand. The note also describes measures to manage intermittency.
13.01.2014Electricity Demand-Side Response
Demand-Side Response describes electricity users (the demand side) changing their patterns of use in response to incentives. It is one of several options eligible for Government support introduced by the 2013 Energy Act. This POSTnote outlines DSR, how it is provided, its role for the UK and its potential future development.
23.01.2012Measuring Energy Security
This POSTnote explores ways in which energy security may be measured for monitoring purposes.
15.09.2011Anaerobic digestion
This POSTnote examines the potential for anaerobic digestion in the UK and the main challenges connected with its development.
01.07.2011Biofuels from algae, July 2011
This POSTnote examines the technical, economic and environmental issues around algal biofuels and their relevance to UK and EU policy targets.
01.05.2011Natural capital accounting, May 2011
This POSTnote outlines the need for "environmental accounting" by governments, to maintain the capacity of ecosystems to sustain human well-being at acceptable levels.


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  • POST Notes - short briefing notes produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
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