Norman Shaw and Parliament Street

Norman Shaw North and South

Two of the properties used by the Commons are the redbrick buildings on Victoria Embankment known as Norman Shaw North and South - and the home of New Scotland Yard, the HQ of the Metropolitan Police from 1889 to 1966.

They now mainly contain offices for MPs and their staff and for a number of Parliamentary departments.

Parliament Street Buildings

This new set of buildings, opened in 1991, saved and incorporated the old facades and much of the construction behind them. They are located in the area flanked by Canon Row, Bridge Street, Parliament Street and Derby Gate.

The area was first laid out in the mid-18th century when it incorporated offices, private houses, and some shops.

Much was preserved and restored in the latest development which now houses much of the Commons Library, offices for MPs and their staff, various catering facilities, homes for several senior officers of the house, and the parliamentary bookshop.