Committee on Standards - role

The Committee on Standards was appointed on 13 December 2012 by the House of Commons following its separation from the now former Committee on Standards and Privileges to:

  • oversee the work of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
  • examine the arrangements proposed by the Commissioner for the compilation, maintenance and accessibility of the Register of Members' Financial Interests and any other registers of interest established by the House
  • review from time to time the form and content of those registers
  • consider any specific complaints made in relation to the registering or declaring of interests referred to it by the Commissioner
  • consider any matter relating to the conduct of Members, including specific complaints in relation to alleged breaches in the Code of Conduct which have been drawn to the Committee's attention by the Commissioner
  • recommend any modifications to the Code of Conduct as may from time to time appear to be necessary.

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    The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards considers complaints about Members of Parliament. She uses the Members Code of Conduct to help her decide whether a complaint falls within her remit.

The main purpose of the Register of Members' Financial Interests is to provide information of any financial interest or other material benefit which a Member receives which might reasonably be thought by others to influence his or her actions, speeches or votes in Parliament or actions taken in his or her capacity as an MP. 

    The Committee on Standards in Public Life is an independent public body which advises government on ethical standards across the whole of public life in the UK.