This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on forestry. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Standard Notes

19.12.2012Ash dieback disease: Chalara fraxinea
Chalara fraxinea is a fungus which is causing a serious disease of ash trees known as ash dieback. Ash dieback was discovered in the UK in February 2012 and a ban on ash imports introduced on 29 October 2012. This note provides information on the disease and the Government's actions to control it.
08.11.2012The Forestry Commission and the sale of public forests in England
This note sets out information on the sale of public forests managed by the Forestry Commission
03.03.2011Illegally Logged Timber: EU and UK legislation
This note covers the EU ban on the import of illegal timber and proposals for UK legislation.

Research Papers

10.11.2010Sustainable Livestock Bill. Bill 5 of 2010-11 Public Bodies (Sustainable Food) Bill. Bill 12 of 2010-11
The Sustainable Livestock Bill aims to reduce the environmental impacts of livestock production in the UK. It also aims to amend the way agricultural subsidies are used to make them more environmentally friendly. It includes a duty to give consideration to supporting sustainable practices and consumption through public procurement of livestock produce. The Public Bodies (Sustainable Food) Bill would create a duty on the Secretary of State to prepare a Code for Sustainable Food to promote the procurement of healthy and sustainable food by public bodies. This could be made compulsory if uptake was not extensive enough.

Select Committee Reports

03.05.2011Draft Legislative Reform (Epping Forest) Order 2011.
Regulatory Reform Select Committee report [Commons]
21.07.2010The National Forest.
Government response. Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee report [Commons]

Early Day Motions

That this House is deeply concerned at the Government's decision to absolve itself of the responsibility for the running of nature reserves at the same time as selling off the public ...
That this House recognises the volume of public concern in response to the Government's proposals regarding the future ownership and management of the public forest estate in England ...
That this House is alarmed by the Government's decision to enter into a period of public consultation on the future of the Public Forest Estate of approximately 258,000 hectares of ...
That this House notes with concern draft plans to sell off areas of public forest in England, potentially including Grizedale Forest in the Lake District; recognises that public ownership ...
That this House is alarmed at the 25 per cent. cut to the Forestry Commission announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review; opposes plans to sell off parts of the Public Forest Estate ...

POST Papers

15.08.2014Reducing Emissions from Deforestation
The UNFCCC REDD+ scheme aims to promote sustainable forest management in developing countries in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Developed countries are expected to provide finance of approximately $20bn per year from 2020. This POSTnote summarises the extent to which REDD+ could contribute to meeting international climate targets, challenges to its implementation and technologies for tracking its performance
18.06.2014Ancient Woodland
Ancient woodlands are irreplaceable features of our landscapes that can be high in biodiversity or cultural value. This POSTnote summarises the challenges of conserving the biodiversity and cultural heritage of these sites to provide social and economic benefits, while still meeting the development needs of society.
25.10.2013Negative Emissions Technologies
If emissions of greenhouse gases are not sufficiently mitigated, it may become necessary to artificially accelerate the rate at which they are removed from the atmosphere in order to restrict global warming. This POSTnote provides an overview of some technologies that could remove atmospheric CO2 and summarises the environmental, social and economic issues they raise.
Bioenergy is the use of renewable natural material for power, heat and liquid fuels. Currently, the UK sources approximately 3% of its primary energy from bioenergy feedstocks. This POSTnote considers the opportunities and challenges of producing bioenergy sustainably to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.
19.10.2011Invasive Tree Pests and Diseases
Tree diseases and pests from outside or already spreading within, Europe, have the potential to damage or kill large number of trees in the UK's country and urban landscapes.
This POSTnote looks at the reasons why deforestation occurs and the impact it has on the environment, as well as examining policies to reduce it.


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