Evidence from the Prime Minister: 14 January 2014

The Liaison Committee took evidence from the Prime Minister David Cameron at 4.00pm on Tuesday 14 January, continuing the Committee’s regular questioning of the Prime Minister.
The session focussed on the following themes:
Violence against women and girls

  • International development and action to tackle violence against women and girls
  • Preventing sexual violence in conflict
  • Sexual harassment in the armed forces 
  • Female genital mutilation – nationally and internationally 
  • Child sexual exploitation 
  • Human trafficking/modern day slavery 
  • UK implementation of international agreements 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Sex education and the role of schools
  • Housing and the benefits system 

Energy policy and environmental priorities 

  • Energy security and blackouts
  • Investor confidence
  • The risks posed by electro-magnetic pulses
  • Energy subsidies and fuel poverty
  • Environmental priorities
  • Shale gas
  • Community engagement and scientific advice

The session was chaired by Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith MP (Lib Dem) and involved the following Select Committee Chairs: 

  • Mr Graham Allen MP, Political and Constitutional Reform (Lab)
  • Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, Defence (Cons)
  • Dame Anne Begg MP, Work and Pensions (Lab)
  • Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Bruce MP, International Development (Lib Dem)
  • Mr William Cash MP, European Scrutiny (Cons)
  • David T C Davies MP, Welsh Affairs (Con)
  • Dr Hywel Francis MP, Joint Committee on Human Rights (Lab)
  • Miss Anne McIntosh MP, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Con)
  • Andrew Miller MP, Science and Technology (Lab)
  • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Home Affairs (Lab)
  • Joan Walley MP, Environmental Audit (Lab)
  • Tim Yeo MP, Energy and Climate Change (Con)

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