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  • 2022 World Cup bidding process  Inquiry announced 18 July 2014

    Committee hold one-off evidence session on bidding process for 2022 World Cup

  • Channel 4 Annual Report 2013  Inquiry announced 01 July 2014

    Committee consider Channel 4’s performance and how successful the broadcaster has been in fulfilling its remit

  • Tourism  Inquiry announced 23 July 2014

    Examines the ways tourism can be promoted in all parts of the United Kingdom

  • Pre-appointment hearing for Chair of BBC Trust  Inquiry announced 02 September 2014

    Committee hold pre-appointment hearing with Rona Fairhead CBE on Tuesday 9 September

  • Society Lotteries  Inquiry announced 24 July 2014

    Inquiry into the role of society lotteries and their place within a system

  • Work of the Arts Council (England)  Inquiry announced 08 January 2014

    A short inquiry into the work of Arts Council England, including its scope, scale and remit.

  • Scrutiny of the draft Public Bodies (Merger of the Gambling Commission and the National Lottery Commission) Order 2013  Inquiry announced 23 April 2013

    Committee to scrutinise the draft Public Bodies (Merger of the Gambling Commission and the National Lottery Commission) Order 2013

  • Work of Ofcom  Inquiry announced 14 May 2013

    Committee holds annual one-off evidence sessions scrutinising the work of Ofcom

  • Women and Sport  Inquiry announced 26 July 2013

    The Culture, Media and Sport Committee announces an inquiry into Women and Sport

  • Future of the BBC  Inquiry announced 22 October 2013

    An inquiry into the BBC ahead of its current Royal Charter ending in 2016

  • Online Safety  Inquiry announced 15 August 2013

    The Culture, Media and Sport Committee is conducting an inquiry into online safety

Select Committee Inquiries

Select Committees carry out inquiries on areas ranging from the work of government departments to economic affairs. The results of these inquiries are public and many require a response from the government.

Select Committees Film

This short film explains the role and impact of select committees of the House of Commons, their membership, how they conduct inquiries, what it's like to be a witness and how you can get involved.

Stages of an inquiry

Most, but not all, Select Committee inquiries are conducted as follows:

  • Written evidence called for
  • Oral evidence sessions held
  • Report published
  • Response published

Not all inquiries result in a Report