House of Commons Transparency publications

Catering services

For statements on catering subsidies, catering pages (venues, menus, rules etc.) and information on banqueting.

Estates and maintenance

Publications include costs of Christmas trees, our environmental footprint, policies and use of resources, pest control, the Estates strategy and costs and our programme of works.

Financial information

This includes details of expenditure over £25K, GPC payments over £500, senior staff allowances and expenses and details of Finance policies.

Human resources

Information includes senior staff Gifts & Hospitality register, senior staff pay (named staff SCS2 and above within £5K bands), organograms, equality and diversity reports and policies, details of members’ foreign language training and health and safety

Information technology

Parliamentary ICT (PICT) publish lists of equipment issued to Members and the costs, catalogues of equipment available to Members, top websites visited, strategy documents, IT guidance issued to Members and staff

Speaker’s office

The Speaker’s Office publish details of the Speaker’s travel and entertainment costs along with their gifts and hospitality register