Lords debates Wales Bill

Reserved powers and voting age on agenda

Assisted Dying Bill: Lords committee stage

Line by line scrutiny of the bill in the Lords

Deregulation Bill: Lords committee stage day one

Safety at work and employment tribunals on agenda

House of Lords back to business

Find out where the Lords stands on the latest legislation and more

Have your say on the Childcare Payments Bill

Have your say on the Childcare Payments Bill

Submit your views to Public Bill Committee considering the Bill

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Title Date
Parliament and LIGHTS OUT 04.08.2014
Peers consider representation of Lords in Cabinet 28.07.2014
Lords debates organic food 24.07.2014
Peers consider agriculture and food industry 24.07.2014
Lords debates freedom of belief 24.07.2014
Have your say on the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill 23.07.2014