Order a Parliament loan box

Order a Parliament loan box
Parliament’s loan boxes encourage lively classroom debate, introduce the concept of law making and help key stage 2 and 3 students understand the democratic process though active learning.

The loan boxes contain everything you'll need to recreate a parliamentary debate. They can also be used flexibly to suit particular classroom needs.

A free teaching resource pack accompanies the loan boxes. The pack includes schemes of work, lesson and assembly plans as well as activity suggestions, printable worksheets and a poster of the Houses of Parliament.

Loan box contents

  • Cloth Backdrop of the House of Lords and the House of Commons - enables classes to recreate either chamber in a classroom or hall setting
  • Colourful relief of each chamber - showing where members of Parliament sit
  • The Speaker of the House of Commons' official black robe - to help distinguish the Speaker as someone with a specific role to play in the Chamber
  • Clerk's wig - so that one student can take on the role of the Clerk of the House whose job it is to offer advice to the Speaker
  • A Bill - so pupils can see what a proposal for a new law looks like
  • Despatch Box - where students can rest their notes when speaking, to mimic a real parliamentary debate
  • Mace - to bring authority to your classroom activity. (The Mace lies on the table in front of the Speaker when MPs are debating in the House of Commons and symbolises the Monarch’s involvement in the political process)
  • Division bell - so pupils can be called to cast their vote
  • Images of Parliament - to help set the scene and promote further investigation

Practical information

The loan box scheme is free of charge. All delivery and collection details will be arranged by Parliament’s Education Service.

Booking information

Parliament's loan boxes can be pre-booked for a half-term periods (approximately 4 weeks).
The next loan periods for this academic year are:

  • Week commencing 5 January
  • Week commencing 23 February

To request a booking form please email Parliament’s Education Outreach team


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