Political issues and debates

Parliament debates issues that affect the lives of everyone in the UK, from human rights and civil liberties to international development, devolution in Scotland, and more. This sections covers some major recent topics of debate and new legislation. 

Political issues and debates

Human rights

Use the video clips to explore human rights issues that have been examined by Parliament recently, and their effect on global trade and politics. 

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Aid and international development

How much development aid should the UK give? Where should it go? And does it reach the people who most need it?

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Devolution in Scotland

What powers do devolved legislatures and the UK Parliament have at the moment? And what effect would further Scottish devolution have on the United Kingdom?

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Civil liberties and freedoms

Explore current debates around civil liberties including the retention of DNA data, regulation of CCTV cameras, detention without trial, and the need to balance national security and individual freedom.

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