Introduction to Parliament

Parliament has a variety of roles in helping the UK to run efficiently as a country. So what exactly happens in Parliament?

What Parliament does

What happens in Parliament, who works there and where is it?

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Parliament and government

What's the difference between Parliament and government? Both have important powers, but each is responsible for different areas of our democracy.

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The Budget

Hushed in secrecy and carried in a bright red briefcase, the Chancellor's Budget reveals the government's tax proposals and spending plans.

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The State Opening of Parliament

Every new session of Parliament starts with a ceremony steeped in tradition.

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Women in politics

How have things changed for women in Parliament over the last 100 years?

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Select committees

What are the main functions of select committees in the House of Commons?

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The work of the curators

The parliamentary art collection includes thousands of works depicting Parliament and parliamentarians through history and today.

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