Lords scrutinises childcare workforce

29 October 2014

Childcare workforce and school representatives appeared before the House of Lords Committee on Affordable Childcare on Wednesday 29 October, when they discussed the pay, qualifications and status of the childcare workforce, and the role of schools in delivering early years education to children as young as two.


Wednesday 29 October, Committee Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Ben Thomas – National Officer (Early Years Education), UNISON

The Committee explored issues such as:

  • what an ideal childcare workforce would look like in terms of qualifications, pay, status and conditions of employment;
  • how better pay and status for childcare and early years workers could be balanced with keeping the costs of childcare affordable

Following on the Committee heard from:

  • Valentine Mulholland – Policy Adviser, National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT);
  • Sarah Bagshaw – Finance Director, St Bede Academy, Bolton

Questions the Committee put to the witnesses were:

  • What is the role of early education in preparing children for school?
  • Is there a desire among schools to expand their provision of free early education?
  • Are schools the right place for early education and care for children aged 2 and up?

Subsequently oral evidence was heard in closed session from:

  • Cathy Street – Research Director, National Children’s Bureau
  • Joyce Connor – Director, Early Childhood Unit, National Children’s Bureau

This evidence was heard in closed session because the research under discussion has not yet been published by DfE. Both the transcript and webcast will be made available once the research has been published (expected to be in mid-November).

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