Videos for Schools

Watch films and short videos about how Parliament works, including clips from our award-winning animated film series 'You've got the power'.


General Election Xplained

Follow comedian Jay Foreman as he discovers how general elections are run, what happens on polling day, and why it's important to have your say. The general election process is explained in a fun and accessible way.

Houses of History

With citizenship and history learning at its heart, the Houses of History animated video provides a stimulating and engaging account of the history of Parliament, from the shift in power from monarch to population to the emergence of universal suffrage

House of Lords

What is the House of Lords and how has it evolved over time to be this way? This animation is an ideal starting point to help you answer those questions with your students.

All videos for schools

Our videos for schools cover a range of topics from the female suffrage movement to the work of MPs, and include the award-winning film ‘Democracy? You Decide’ by author and journalist Danny Wallace.

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