International affairs

Ebola crisis and aid in Iraq one-off evidence session

Committee question Secretary of State for International Development

Lord Speaker welcomes Bill Gates to House of Lords

The case for aid: A conversation with Bill Gates

Committees hold first evidence session for Scrutiny of Arms Exports

UK Working Group on Arms and Export Group for Aerospace and Defence give evidence

Former President of Czech Republic and former Ambassador to Russia questioned

EU-Russia inquiry investigates how to build constructive relationships in the future

The Lord Speaker on the fight against malaria

Baroness D'Souza introduces the first lecture in a new series

More international affairs

Title Date
MPs debated UK foreign policy towards Iran 06.11.2014
Lords take evidence from Russian polling organisation 06.11.2014
MPs debated US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement 06.11.2014
Lord Patten to give evidence on Hong Kong 04.11.2014
Lords debates Middle East and North Africa 31.10.2014
Westminster Hall debates: 28 October 2014 28.10.2014