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Parliament has commissioned a number of films explaining its role and the way in which it works.

film 1

Scrutiny Uncovered

'Scrutiny Uncovered' puts the role of Select Committees under the microscope as MPs and peers explain how they hold the Government of the day to account.

Watch 'Scrutiny Uncovered'

film 2

The General Election Explained

In 'The General Election Explained' cameras follow politicians on the election trail to discover how Britain elects its Members of Parliament and why your vote matters.

Watch 'The General Election Explained'

film 3

Democracy? You Decide

'Democracy? You decide.' gives viewers a light-hearted overview of Parliament's structure and emphasises its role as Britain's instrument of democracy.

Watch 'Democracy? You Decide'

film 4

You've got the power

Released in July 2006 'You've Got the Power' is a new animated DVD split into modules, which explains the role and work of Parliament. There are two versions - one aimed at primary school age children -- one at older students. Others will also find them informative as well as entertaining!

Watch 'You've Got the Power' (Primary School edition)

Watch 'You've Got the Power' (secondary School edition)