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Staff salary scales

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Staff salary scales
First Published May 2010 w4mp
Last Updated June 2012 w4mp
Last Reviewed June 2012 w4mp
June 2012: We have had this document drawn to our attention with the comment “Re European Parliament payscales – they have not changed since August 2011.  The other payscales refer to sections of the Commission, Seconded National Experts, MEPs etc. The Staff Regulations are being revised this year, but mainly in relation to Commission staff (new secretarial/assistance scale) and working conditions such as flexitime.”Here’s the link:

Information about pay scales in the UK Parliament

1 April 2012:

For the situation from 1 April 2012 you need to look at IPSA’s ‘Annual Review of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses’.  This is available as a PDF on IPSA’s website by clicking here. The key section on salaries for staff will be found on page 78, paragraph 2.18. It reads: ‘IPSA has not made any change to the salary ranges for 2012/13. The current ranges were based on independently assessed market rates for the various roles.’

It is worth reading the whole section on Job Descriptions and Salaries which begins on page 77.

Have a close look, too, at paragraph 2.47 on page 85 which includes this sentence: “IPSA will not intervene in matters of career and pay progression or workload/staff management such as those outlined above.”

1 April 2011:

In recent years the salary scales (see below) for MPs’ staff in the UK Parliament have been increased annually from 1 April each year. This is NOT the case this year. Whilst the salaries budget has been increased, the salary ranges remain unchanged.  To quote from the IPSA MPs’ Expenses Scheme Third Edition which is effective from 1 April 2011, (see page 39 in this PDF – 1.8MB):

“When setting pay for their staff, MPs should have regard to the terms of the wider public sector pay freeze. In recognition of this freeze, IPSA does not expect to receive any requests for salary uplifts for MPs’ staff, except where the staff in question have taken on significant extra responsibilities.

“Under the terms of the public sector pay freeze, public sector workers earning over £21,000 will not receive any increase in salary. Public sector workers earning under this amount will receive an uplift of £250. If MPs wish to provide this £250 uplift from their staffing budget, they should use the salary amendment form on the IPSA website to request it.”

PS. OK, we know what you’re thinking: it’s 1 April and this is a joke.  Sorry….really sorry…but it’s all true.

If you are looking for model job descriptions you will find them on the IPSA website. Follow links from ‘IPSA for MPs’.

13 May 2010:

IPSA published (on 6 May) a lot of new information relating to Staffing Expenditure and Employment of Staff. This includes salary scales, model job descriptions and contracts. You can access the information by going via the main IPSA website. Updates are continuing and it is worth checking them out regularly for fresh information.

Pay scales for MPs’ staff were revised with effect from 6 May 2010. Here are the scales:

Salary Scale 2010-11

Click here to read the latest guidance notes and all the background information on the scales. (Revised April 2011)

Compare the new scales with previous years:

These earnings-related increases are still not awarded automatically;  if your Member doesn’t make arrangements to increase your pay in line with the new scales, the onus is on you to ask him/her for an adjustment.  At present there is no obligation on Members to comply.

However, there is a clear obligation on your Member to review your salary annually.  Here’s what it says in the standard permanent contract:

Contract paragraph

If you are feeling a little wary of tackling your boss about the annual review, don’t imagine you are alone.  Lots of staff find this a difficult issue to raise.  If you need a little moral support this might be a good time to join the Union; see the TGWU parliamentary branch page here.

Information about pay scales in the European Parliament

25 August 2011:

Parliamentary assistant payscale in the European Parliament

 Following several enquires about what “in line with European Parliamentary pay scales” means in recent posts advertised on W4MP, we have managed to unearth the Parliamentary assistant payscale in the European Parliament.  Here it is as at August 2011.Our understanding is that this is in Euros and monthly, and is subject to a Community Tax rate of roughly 10% (i.e. much lower than national income tax rates ). Assistants will generally start on grade one. The scale is revised annually, we are told. EuroParlPayScale

Apparently this is not available on a public website but, if anyone knows differently, please let us know. Use the Feedback Form below.