Unelectable party leaders.

Baroness Murphy

I like Ed Milliband, what’s not to like? He seems a kind enough good hearted chap with the sense to slide silently backwards away from the catastrophic union links which saw him elected as leader of the Labour party. OK, so he forgot to register his own children as his own, OK so he couldn’t…

Directionless travel

Baroness Deech

Have you noticed that there aren’t any large comprehensive printed timetables on display boards at your station any longer? I am a regular commuter through Reading station, where redevelopment has been going on for years now. Millions have been spent to “iimprove” it and the work is not yet over. I used to be able to…

Stop this Futile Inquiry

Baroness Murphy

Public money will be poured into this McCarthy-like witch-hunt of the great and good, it will be entertaining for the public and will almost certainly do nothing but harm. We should concentrate on the here and now and protect those at risk in the future.

Age Analysis

Lord Tyler

Hot news!   I have just had a reply from the indefatigable House of Lords Library team giving me the most recent breakdown of Peer’s ages.   There are just 2 under the age of 40 and 29 over the age of 90, though by my count 12 of the latter are amongst those who have “taken…

Bonkers by-election

Lord Tyler

Readers may remember that I wrote recently of the ludicrous system for replacing my late Liberal Democrat colleague, Robert Methuen, who sadly died this summer. Despite a choice of some thirteen Conservatives and Crossbenchers, the forces of convention did manage to elect a Liberal Democrat. Our new colleague will be Raymond Asquith, otherwise known as…

Hamas and ISIS/ISIL

Lord Hylton

Hamas began as an off-shoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, when Egypt administered the Gaza Strip after 1948.  It has developed in three ways, first as a social service and welfare organization, secondly as a political movement, and thirdly as a form of national resistance against occupation and colonization by Israel.  The last role caused…

Wales Bill: an opportunity to strengthen Welsh democracy

Lord Roberts

Much of the current spotlight on the UK Parliament is focussed on the Scottish devolution proposals, which were debated fiercely in the Commons, yesterday. This has spearheaded a much needed public discussion about devolution and I welcome these new opportunities. However, as well as being an important issue for Scotland, these debates are equally vital for…