Great overview, good speakers and much food for thought!

A.Tanna, Communications Officer, PMO

Fantastic day, excellent speakers. I’ve learnt a great deal today!

S. Weekes, Business Support Officer, NFA


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Parliamentary training and policy skills for the Civil Service

Welcome to Westminster Explained, the training division of Dods and the leading private sector provider of training to government.

We’re experts in delivering engaging, effective and interactive training courses to individuals, teams and whole organisations across government and the wider public sector.

Working in the Civil Service

Covering learning that is unique to working in the Civil Service, such as working with ministers, and also covering essentials such as induction, safety and first aid.

See Working in the Civil Service

Policy Profession

The policy profession has developed a policy curriculum to support cross-government learning for people in policy roles.

See Policy Profession

Parliament and Government

Get to grips with Parliamentary processes and understand how government works with our range of Parliament & Government courses.

See Parliament & Government

Verbal & Written Communication Skills

Improve your skills in communicating with Ministers, managers, colleagues or the media with our range of dedicated programmes.

See Communication

Personal Development

Develop your potential and increase your confidence in the workplace with our popular personal development courses.

See Personal Development

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