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A website for everyone working for Members of Parliament.

Working for an MP

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This is the Working for an MP website, a resource for anyone working for a British Member of Parliament or with an interest in how Parliament works.

Training for Staff

The Commons Learning & Development team now manages the learning, development and training of Members’ staff, both in the regions and at Westminster. There will be classroom events available, as well as online learning through the Parliamentary learning system, Act and all staff should have received details of how to log in to Act.

The team are currently gathering learning needs through a series of focus groups and questionnaires at events such as the Constituency days in Westminster and the Regional Roadshows. This will allow them to plan a 12 month programme starting in September 2014. Full details will be posted on w4mptraining.

An interim programme is now available.

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What Can w4mp Do For You?

We’ve commissioned a short video that explains what w4mp offers. Please feel free to share/embed it.

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Coming Up

Monthly Cartoon and alt.guides

Hoby 54: Guy Fawkes

Hoby Cartoon

Parliament is a serious place, and the Palace of Westminster and constituency offices are filled with hard-working, dedicated professionals engaged in the important business of running the country.  Yet even the most committed need time for rest and recuperation, space to kick back and unwind, and opportunities to take a sideways look at their workplace, employers and even their political masters. Our alt.guides offer a sidelong view of life working for an MP, and include a monthly cartoon from Hoby.

Important Information about Safety and Security

The latest version of the Members’ Personal Safety Leaflet is now available on the intranet. This is not just for Members; it’s vital that their staff read it as well.  W4MP can’t emphasise strongly enough the importance of your reading this and taking appropriate action. Whether you work at Westminster or in the constituency you should read this. Click here for the link to the introductory page on Personal Safety on the intranet.