Latest News for 2014

Microsoft announced back in April that support for Windows XP has been dropped.
For more information and to find out how this may effect you, get in contact and we will help you make sense of this change and assist you in any changes you may need to make to your systems.

Webshop continues to be a big hit helping to grow store sales with click and collect options.

Our designers have added new advertising banner options, product carousels, improved social networking features and so much more.

A webshop trading website is essential to support your business and encourage growth.


To find out more why not contact us on 01635 874211 or email, we would be delighted to discuss our software solutions with you.

Merlio Retail Solutions

We provide Fully Integrated EPOS and Stock Control Systems for retailers incorporating Customer Orders, Webshop, Supplier Orders and Goods In Control.

" Merlio is designed to help Retailers, increase sales, increase footfall, and cut costs. "

Merlio is used by shops and distributors of all sizes, from a single-user system which seamlessly combines both till and back-office functions through to nationwide chains with networked tills, goods-in workstations and back office terminals used for management information, accounts, ordering and other tasks.

Merlio has a fast, simple and effective design, and helps you to concentrate on your customers, and what they need, rather than on the administrative tasks which eat so much time.

Merlio.Net is our core product. Already proven with around 300 customers, it enables Merlio users to tap in to all of the key online services within the retail trade.
We believe in working closely with both existing and prospective customers to ensure that we understand and respond to their needs as much as possible.

Combined with our Webshop online trading solution, vast range of  retail hardware and extensive retail expertise, Merlio is your one stop shop for all your retailing needs.

Merlio's range of services will continue to expand and develop over the coming years as we take on board the needs of our users and make our own recommendations to ensure competitive edge.