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We are safe and sound in Iceland. The kids are loving it here and happy to have there hole family around them. Me and hubby where at a wedding not far from this beauty Seljalandsfoss so i said i have to there and i packed all my gear and spent the rest of the night enjoying the midnight sun .Happy to be back and have so many places to go to the next few weeks ,already been to 2 waterfalls :)
can you guess what waterfall i whent to ? its not far from Reykjavík .

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  1. Ricarda`s Galleri 28 jam yang lalu | balas

    Fantastic shot ! Enjoy Iceland :)

  2. Mia.Self 24 jam yang lalu | balas

    Was it Gullfoss? So glad to hear that you are all happy. I bet your family and friends are happy to have you back too.

  3. lars1387 19 jam yang lalu | balas

    Nicely captured.
    glad you're enjoying the return !!

  4. Bjarne Lund (Djmurre) 18 jam yang lalu | balas

    Nice photo....enjoy your beautifull homeland Iceland :-)

  5. paulhollins 16 jam yang lalu | balas

    Gorgeous foreground adds a lot to this excellent image!

  6. Wilma v H - thanks so much all comments/faves 6 jam yang lalu | balas

    Wonderful shot! Many congrats on Explore!

  7. Picture post. 5 jam yang lalu | balas

    Nice Photography

  8. Valeria Sig moving back home :) 5 jam yang lalu | balas

    :) thanks for the kind comments

  9. Valeria Sig moving back home :) 5 jam yang lalu | balas

    nehh it was not Gullfoss :) but youre close

  10. T Hi 3 jam yang lalu | balas

    Lovely landscape scene!

  11. ℝakel_ℰlke ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ 2 jam yang lalu | balas

    fabulous image :) have a good day!!