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The total number of Members who served on Select Committees, other than Business Committees, was 326. The total number of Members who served on other Committees (other general Committees, Grand Committees and the Chairmen's Panel) was 99.

Names of Members Select CommitteeOther[8]
Afriyie, AdamChildren, Schools and Families; Innovation Universities, Science and Skills; Science and Technology   
Ainger, NickTreasury   
Ainsworth, Mr Bob   Administration; Selection
Alexander, DannyScottish Affairs   
Amess, Mr David   Chairmen's Panel
Anderson, Mr DavidNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Anderson, JanetCulture, Media and Sport Administration; Chairmen's Panel
Arbuthnot, Mr JamesDefence; Liaison   
Atkins, CharlotteHealth   
Atkinson, Mr Peter   Chairmen's Panel; Court of Referees
Austin, JohnHuman Rights (Joint Committee) Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Bacon, Mr RichardEuropean Scrutiny; Public Accounts   
Bailey, Mr AdrianBusiness and Enterprise; European Scrutiny Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Banks, GordonRegulatory Reform Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Barker, GregoryEnvironmental Audit   
Barlow, Ms CeliaProcedure   
Barron, Mr KevinHealth; Liaison; Standards and Privileges   
Battle, JohnInternational Development; Northern Ireland Affairs   
Bayley, HughInternational Development Chairmen's Panel
Begg, Miss AnneWork and Pensions Chairmen's Panel
Beith, Sir AlanJustice; Liaison   
Bell, Sir StuartLiaison Finance and Services
Benton, Mr Joe   Chairmen's Panel
Bercow, JohnInternational Development Chairmen's Panel; Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Beresford, Sir PaulCommunities and Local Government   
Berry, RogerBusiness and Enterprise   
Betts, Mr CliveCommunities and Local Government Finance and Services
Binley, Mr BrianBusiness and Enterprise Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Blackman, LizSelection   
Blackman-Woods, Dr RobertaInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills; Statutory Instruments;   
Blunt, Mr Crispin   Finance and Services
Bone, Mr PeterHealth; Statutory Instruments   
Borrow, Mr David SDefence; European Scrutiny   
Boswell, Mr TimInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Bottomley, Peter   Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Brady, Mr GrahamTreasury   
Brake, TomHome Affairs   
Breed, Mr ColinTax Law Rewrites Bill (Joint Committee); Treasury   
Brooke, AnnetteChildren, Schools and Families; Public Accounts   
Brown, Mr Nicholas   Administration; Selection
Brown, Mr Russell   Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Browne, Mr JeremyHome Affairs   
Browning, AngelaPublic Accounts   
Bruce, MalcolmInternational Development; Liaison   
Bryant, ChrisModernisation of the House of Commons; Public Accounts   
Buck, Ms KarenHome Affairs   
Burden, RichardInternational Development   
Burns, Mr Simon   Administration; Selection
Burrowes, Mr DavidPublic Administration   
Burstow, Mr PaulPublic Accounts Finance and Services
Burt, Alistair   Selection
Burt, LorelyRegulatory Reform   
Butler, Ms DawnChildren, Schools and Families; Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Butterfill, Sir John   Chairmen's Panel; Court of Referees; Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Campbell, Mr Alan   Selection
Campbell, Mr GregoryNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Campbell, Sir MenziesForeign Affairs   
Campbell, Mr RonnieHealth   
Carmichael, Mr AlistairDraft Constitutional Renewal Bill (Joint Committee); Scottish Affairs Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Carswell, Mr DouglasChildren, Schools and Families; Human Rights (Joint Committee)   
Cash, Mr WilliamEuropean Scrutiny Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Caton, Mr MartinEnvironmental Audit Chairmen's Panel; Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Cawsey, Mr IanInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee   
Challen, ColinEnvironmental Audit Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee); Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Chaytor, Mr DavidChildren, Schools and Families; Environmental Audit   
Chope, Mr ChristopherDraft Constitutional Renewal Bill (Joint Committee); Procedure Administration; Chairmen's Panel
Clapham, Mr MichaelBusiness and Enterprise   
Clappison, Mr JamesEuropean Scrutiny; Home Affairs   
Clark, Ms KatyEuropean Scrutiny; Procedure; Scottish Affairs; The Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill   
Clarke, Mr KennethTax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee)   
Clarke, Mr Tom   Administration
Clegg, Mr NickTax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee) Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Clelland, Mr DavidTransport   
Clifton-Brown, Mr Geoffrey   Finance and Services
Coffey, AnnModernisation of the House of Commons   
Cohen, HarryWork and Pensions   
Connarty, MichaelEuropean Scrutiny; Liaison   
Conway, Derek   Administration
Cook, Frank   Chairmen's Panel
Cooper, RosieJustice; Northern Ireland Affairs   
Cormack, Sir PatrickLiaison; Northern Ireland Affairs   
Cousins, JimTreasury   
Cox, Mr GeoffreyEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Crabb, Mr StephenInternational Development; Treasury; Welsh Affairs   
Crausby, Mr DavidDefence   
Creagh, Mary   Finance and Services
Cryer, Mrs AnnHome Affairs   
Cummings, JohnCommunities and Local Government Chairmen's Panel
Cunningham, Tony   Selection
Curry, Mr DavidPublic Accounts; Standards and Privileges   
David, Mr WayneEuropean Scrutiny; Welsh Affairs   
Davidson, Mr IanPublic Accounts; Scottish Affairs   
Davies, David T. C.Home Affairs; Welsh Affairs   
Davies, PhilipCulture, Media and Sport; Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Davies, Mr QuentinInternational Development; Regulatory Reform; Tax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee)   
Dean, Mrs JanetHome Affairs Chairmen's Panel
Devine, Mr JimScottish Affairs   
Dismore, Mr AndrewHuman Rights (Joint Committee); Liaison; Standards and Privileges   
Dobbin, JimCommunities and Local Government; European Scrutiny Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Dobson, Frank   Administration
Donohoe, Mr Brian H.   Administration
Doran, Mr FrankLiaison Administration; Finance and Services
Dorrell, Mr Stephen   Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Dorries, Mrs NadineInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Dowd, JimHealth  
Drew, Mr DavidEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Duddridge, JamesInternational Development   
Dunne, Mr PhilipPublic Accounts; Treasury   
Dunwoody, Mrs GwynethLiaison; Transport   
Eagle, AngelaPublic Accounts; Treasury   
Efford, CliveTransport   
Ellman, Mrs LouiseLiaison; Transport   
Engel, NataschaWork and Pensions   
Evans, Mr NigelCulture, Media and Sport   
Fallon, Mr MichaelTreasury   
Farrelly, PaulCulture, Media and Sport Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee); Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Field, MarkProcedure   
Flynn, PaulPublic Administration   
Foster, Michael JabezDraft Constitutional Renewal Bill (Joint Committee); Statutory Instruments; Work and Pensions   
Francis, Dr HywelLiaison; Welsh Affairs   
Fraser, Mr ChristopherNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Gale, Mr RogerProcedure Chairmen's Panel
Gapes, MikeForeign Affairs; Liaison   
George, AndrewCommunities and Local Government   
Gerrard, Mr Neil   Administration
Gibson, Dr IanInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Gidley, SandraHealth   
Gilroy, LindaDefence; Draft Marine Bill (Joint Committee)   
Gray, Mr JamesEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs; Regulatory Reform   
Griffith, NiaEuropean Scrutiny; Human Rights (Joint Committee); Joint Committee on the Draft Marine Bill (Joint Committee); Welsh Affairs   
Griffiths, NigelPublic Accounts   
Grogan, Mr JohnNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Gwynne, AndrewProcedure Court of Referees
Hall, Mr MikeCulture, Media and Sport   
Hall, PatrickEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Hamilton, DavidDefence; Scottish Affairs   
Hamilton, Mr FabianForeign Affairs   
Hammond, StephenRegulatory Reform   
Hancock, Mr MikeDefence Chairmen's Panel
Hands, Mr GregCommunities and Local Government; European Scrutiny   
Harman, Ms HarrietModernisation of the House of Commons   
Harris, Dr EvanHuman Rights (Joint Committee); Innovation, Universities   
Harvey, NickStandards and Privileges   
Haselhurst, Sir Alan   Finance and Services; Court of Referees
Havard, Mr DaiDefence   
Heal, Sylvia   Court of Referees; Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Heald, Mr OliverWork and Pensions   
Healey, JohnPublic Accounts; Tax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee)   
Heath, Mr DavidJustice Court of Referees
Heathcoat-Amory, Mr DavidEuropean Scrutiny; Foreign Affairs   
Hemming, JohnModernisation of the House of Commons; Procedure; Regulatory Reform   
Hepburn, Mr StephenNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Heppell, Mr JohnChildren, Schools and Families Administration
Hermon, LadyNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Hesford, StephenHealth   
Heyes, DavidPublic Administration   
Hill, KeithEuropean Scrutiny; Public Accounts   
Hodgson, Mrs SharonChildren, Schools and Families; Regulatory Reform Court of Referees
Hoey, KateNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Hollobone, Mr PhilipTransport   
Holloway, Mr AdamDefence   
Holmes, PaulChildren, Schools and Families   
Hood, Mr Jim   Chairmen's Panel
Hopkins, KelvinEuropean Scrutiny; Public Administration   
Horam, Mr JohnForeign Affairs   
Horwood, Mr MartinCommunities and Local Government; Environmental Audit   
Howarth, DavidJustice   
Howarth, Mr GeorgeModernisation of the House of Commons   
Howell, JohnWork and Pensions   
Hoyle, Mr LindsayBusiness and Enterprise; European Scrutiny   
Hughes, Simon Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Humble, Mrs JoanWork and Pensions Chairmen's Panel
Hunter, MarkBusiness and Enterprise   
Hurd, Mr NickEnvironmental Audit   
Iddon, Dr BrianInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Illsley, Mr EricForeign Affairs; Procedure Chairmen's Panel
Jack, Mr MichaelEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs; Liaison   
Jackson, Mr StewartRegulatory Reform   
James, Mrs Sian CJustice; Procedure; Welsh Affairs   
Jenkin, Mr BernardDefence   
Jenkins, Mr BrianDefence; Standards and Privileges Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Jones, Mr DavidWelsh Affairs   
Jones, Helen   Administration; Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Jones, Mr KevanDefence Administration
Jones, LynneEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Jones, Mr MartynWelsh Affairs Chairmen's Panel
Kawczynski, DanielEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs; International Development; Justice   
Keeble, Ms SallyTreasury   
Keeley, Barbara   Finance and Services
Keen, AlanCulture, Media and Sport   
Keetch, Mr PaulForeign Affairs   
Key, RobertDefenceChairmen's Panel; Finance and Services
Kidney, Mr DavidStatutory Instruments   
Kirkbride, Miss JulieBusiness and Enterprise   
Knight, Mr GregLiaison; Modernisation of the House of Commons; Procedure Administration
Laxton, Mr BobEuropean Scrutiny   
Lazarowicz, MarkEnvironmental Audit; Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Leech, Mr JohnTransport   
Leigh, Mr EdwardLiaison; Public Accounts   
Lepper, DavidEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs Administration
Levitt, TomWork and Pensions   
Liddell-Grainger, Mr IanEnvironmental Audit; Public Administration   
Llwyd, Mr ElfynStandards and Privileges   
Lord, Sir Michael   Court of Referees; Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Love, Mr AndrewTreasury   
Lucas, IanPublic Accounts   
Luff, PeterBusiness and Enterprise; Liaison   
McAvoy, Mr Thomas   Administration; Finance and Services; Selection
McCrea, Dr William   Chairmen's Panel
McDonagh, Siobhain   Unopposed Bills (Panel)
McDonnell, Dr AlasdairNorthern Ireland Affairs   
MacDougall, Mr JohnScottish Affairs; Statutory Instruments Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
McFall, JohnLiaison; Treasury   
McGovern, Mr JimScottish Affairs   
McIntosh, AnneEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
McKechin, AnnInternational Development   
McKenna, RosemaryCulture, Media and Sport; Liaison; Procedure Selection
Mackinlay, AndrewForeign Affairs   
Maclean, DavidLiaison; Statutory Instruments   
MacNeil, Mr AngusScottish Affairs   
Mactaggart, FionaChildren, Schools and Families   
Main, AnneCommunities and Local Government; Draft Marine Bill (Joint Committee)   
Malik, Mr ShahidEnvironmental Audit   
Malins, Mr HumfreyJustice   
Mallaber, JudyRegulatory Reform   
Mann, John   Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Marsden, Mr GordonInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Marshall, Mr David   Chairmen's Panel
Martlew, Mr EricTransport Chairmen's Panel
Mason, John   Administration
May, Mrs TheresaModernisation of the House of Commons   
Mercer, PatrickHome Affairs   
Michael, AlunJustice; Welsh Affairs   
Miller, AndrewLiaison; Regulatory Reform   
Miller, Mrs MariaChildren, Schools and Families   
Mitchell, Mr AustinPublic Accounts   
Moffat, AnneBusiness and Enterprise   
Moon, Mrs MadeleineEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Moran, MargaretHome Affairs   
Morden, JessicaJustice   
Morgan, JulieJustice; Public Administration   
Moss, Mr MalcolmForeign Affairs   
Mountford, KaliTax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee)   
Mudie, Mr GeorgeTreasury   
Mulholland, GregWork and Pensions   
Mullin, Mr ChrisStandards and Privileges   
Mundell, DavidScottish Affairs   
Murphy, Mr DenisNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Naysmith, Dr DougHealth; Regulatory Reform   
Neill, RobertJustice   
Oaten, MarkBusiness and Enterprise   
O'Hara, Mr Edward   Chairmen's Panel
Olner, Mr BillCommunities and Local Government Chairmen's Panel
Osborne, SandraForeign Affairs   
Owen, AlbertWelsh Affairs   
Palmer, Dr NickJustice   
Pearson, IanEnvironmental Audit   
Pelling, Mr AndrewChildren, Schools and Families   
Penning, MikeHealth   
Penrose, JohnWork and Pensions   
Pope, Mr GregForeign Affairs Chairmen's Panel
Pound, StephenNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Prentice, Mr GordonPublic Administration   
Price, AdamCulture, Media and Sport   
Prisk, Mr MarkRegulatory Reform   
Pritchard, MarkEnvironmental Audit; Transport; Welsh Affairs; Work and Pensions   
Prosser, GwynHome Affairs   
Pugh, Dr JohnCommunities and Local Government; Public Accounts   
Purchase, Mr KenForeign Affairs   
Randall, Mr John   Administration
Reed, Mr AndyTax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee)   
Reed, Mr JamieEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs; Regulatory Reform   
Rennie, WillieDefence   
Riordan, Mrs LindaEnvironmental Audit; Justice; Procedure   
Robathan, Mr Andrew   Selection
Robertson, AngusEuropean Scrutiny   
Robinson, Mrs IrisNorthern Ireland Affairs   
Rogerson, DanEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Rooney, Mr TerryLiaison; Work and Pensions   
Rowen, PaulPublic Administration   
Roy, Mr Frank   Selection
Ruddock, JoanInternational Development   
Russell, BobHome Affairs   
Ryan, JoanChildren, Schools and Families;   
Salter, MartinHome Affairs   
Sanders, Mr AdrianCulture, Media and Sport; Modernisation of the House of Commons; Selection
Sarwar, Mr MohammadLiaison; Scottish Affairs   
Scott, Mr LeeHealth; Transport   
Seabeck, AlisonRegulatory Reform   
Shapps, GrantPublic Administration   
Sharma, Mr VirendraHuman Rights (Joint Committee); Justice   
Sheerman, Mr BarryChildren, Schools and Families; Liaison   
Shepherd, Mr RichardHuman Rights (Joint Committee); Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Sheridan, JimInternational Development   
Simon, Mr SiônTreasury   
Simpson, DavidNorthern Ireland Affairs; Statutory Instruments; Transport   
Singh, Mr MarshaInternational Development   
Slaughter, Mr AndyChildren, Schools and Families; Regulatory Reform Court of Referees
Smith, Ms Angela CRegulatory Reform Court of Referees
Smith, GeraldinePublic Accounts   
Smith, JohnDefence  
Smith, Sir RobertInternational Development; Procedure Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Soames, Hon NicholasStandards and Privileges   
Soulsby, Sir PeterEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs; Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Southworth, HelenCulture, Media and Sport   
Spink, BobInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills; Science and Technology   
Stanley, Sir JohnForeign Affairs   
Starkey, Dr PhyllisCommunities and Local Government; Liaison   
Steen, Mr AnthonyEuropean Scrutiny; Regulatory Reform   
Stewart, IanInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Stoate, Dr HowardHealth; Modernisation of the House of Commons   
Strang, Dr GavinEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Streeter, Mr GaryHome Affairs   
Stringer, GrahamInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills; Transport   
Stuart, Ms GiselaForeign Affairs   
Stuart, Mr GrahamChildren Schools and Families; Environmental Audit   
Swinson, JoEnvironmental Audit   
Syms, Mr RobertHealth   
Tami, MarkHuman Rights; (Joint Committee); Tax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee)
Tapsell, Sir Peter   Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Taylor, DavidEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs Chairmen's Panel
Taylor, Dr RichardHealth   
Thornberry, EmilyCommunities and Local Government   
Thurso, JohnTreasury Administration
Timpson, Mr EdwardChildren, Schools and Families; Human Rights (Joint Committee)   
Tipping, PaddyEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs; Standards and Privileges   
Todd, Mr MarkTreasury   
Touhig, Mr DonPublic Accounts   
Trickett, Jon   Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Turner, Mr AndrewJustice   
Turner, Dr DesmondEnvironmental Audit; Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills   
Tyrie, Mr AndrewJustice   
Vaizey, Mr EdwardEnvironmental Audit   
Vaz, KeithHome Affairs; Justice; Liaison   
Viggers, Sir PeterTax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee); Treasury   
Walker, Mr CharlesPublic Administration; Scottish Affairs   
Wallace, Mr BenScottish Affairs   
Walley, JoanEnvironmental Audit Chairmen's Panel
Walter, Mr Robert   Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Waltho, LyndaChildren, Schools and Families Consolidation, & c., Bills (Joint Committee)
Ward, Claire   Selection
Weir, Mr MikeBusiness and Enterprise Chairmen's Panel
Whitehead, Dr AlanJustice; Standards and Privileges   
Whittingdale OBE, Mr JohnCulture, Media and Sport; Liaison   
Williams, Mr AlanLiaison; Public Accounts   
Williams, HywelWelsh Affairs Chairmen's Panel;
Williams, MarkWelsh Affairs   
Williams, Mr RogerEnvironment, Food and Rural Affairs   
Williams, StephenChildren, Schools and Families   
Willis, Mr PhilInnovation, Universities Science and Skills; Liaison   
Willott, JennyPublic Administration; Work and Pensions   
Wilshire, Mr DavidTransport Chairmen's Panel
Wilson, PhilPublic Accounts; Regulatory Reform   
Wilson, Mr RobInnovation, Universities, Science and Skills; Procedure   
Wilson, SammyNorthern Ireland Affairs; Transport   
Winnick, Mr DavidHome Affairs   
Winterton, Ann   Chairmen's Panel; Unopposed Bills (Panel)
Winterton, Sir NicholasModernisation of the House of Commons Chairmen's Panel
Wishart, PeteScottish Affairs Administration
Woolas, Mr PhilEnvironmental Audit   
Wright, Mr AnthonyBusiness and Enterprise   
Wright, DavidCommunities and Local Government   
Wright, Mr IainModernisation of the House of Commons; Public Accounts   
Wright, JeremyJustice   
Wright, Dr TonyLiaison; Public Administration   
Wyatt, DerekPublic Accounts   
Yeo, Mr TimEnvironmental Audit; Liaison   
Young, Sir GeorgeLiaison; Standards and Privileges Selection
Younger-Ross, RichardBusiness and Enterprise; Defence' European Scrutiny; Foreign Affairs   

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