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Parliament Week 2014

14-20 November

A programme of events and activities that inspire, inform and connect people across the UK with Parliament and democracy



This page is full of ideas and tips for Parliament Week partners about how to get involved and make the most of Parliament Week.

How can my organisation take part in Parliament Week?

Whatever event or activity your organisation chooses to do, it should spark thought or debate about democracy, Parliament and how you can make your voice heard.

Some examples of how other Parliament Week partners are getting involved:

Take a look at our Events page for more ideas.


It is often useful to develop an event or activity plan to help you to think about what you want to achieve, your audience, speakers or experts and logistics.

Below are a couple of resources you can use to help you plan:

Tell us about your plans

Tell us what you're doing by filling in our Parliament Week partner events registration form, available later in 2014.

Once we know what you're doing, we can add your event to our programme and publicise it via our online events page. We will also send all partners our media toolkit, including suggested social media posts and ideas to help promote your event.

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Apply to become a Parliament Week partner

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