#Flickr10 Samplr Day 5: Perspective

The trail...................


this way up


The Eye

Grün / Green man with shadow

Igloo (o no)

In ten years of Flickr photos, we’ve been mesmerized by changing points of view and evolving trends in photography. In the #Flickr10 group, we saw a number of unique depictions of the mundane, giving us pause to consider how the photographer got the shot. Here is a sampling of some of our favorite #Flickr10 pictures that made us consider a new perspective.

Photos from Kenneth Rivenes , Ivan Dessi , flytography.me, Frank, try…error, Miss Mandarina, Ruud, and Bryan Leung

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Mother’s storybook photos become viral sensation

When we first spotted Elena Shumilova’s photostream, her photos instantly took our breath away. The Russian photographer transports her viewers into a beautiful world that revolves around her two little sons and their adorable pets — scenes literally out of a storybook. Elena’s use of natural light, colors, and her enchanting rural surroundings have not only made her photography both cozy and heartwarming, but also has received around 50 million views on Flickr.

At first glance, you’d assume Elena’s been taking photographs for years. Her foray into photography, however, began nearly two years ago.



“I started taking photographs a year and a half ago [after] I borrowed my parents’ DSLR camera,” Elena says. “I just started playing around with it, taking photos every day. I spent six months learning photography. And after awhile, I bought a new camera. [Soon] photography became an integrated part of my life.”

Elena’s inspiration are her two sons, Yaroslav, 5, and Vanya, 2. She began taking pictures during her free time, which was generally on long walks with her boys in the gorgeous outskirts of Andreapol, Russia.

White rabbit


“When I go walking with the kids, I always grab my camera with me,” Elena says. “When you deal with children, all your pictures come out quite spontaneously. I do tend to have some preliminary photo ideas in my head, so I will sometimes direct my children to ‘do this’ or ‘do that,’ all while playing. The dog and animals that you see in photos are all our animals, so there are no special props.”

Elena is very specific and particular when it comes to her photography. For one, she prefers to use natural light — both inside and outside.



“I love all sorts of light conditions — street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow — everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image,” Elena explains. “I feel it really sets the mood I want to convey.”

“It takes me quite a long time to come up with the right angle and composition,” Elena says. “I tend to make a series of shots and to sort them out later to find the perfect one. I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose my photos. I get inspired mainly by desire to express something I feel, though I usually predict [at the time] what that is.”



Elena’s favorite image is Foggy Day, mainly because she says everything (light, angle, composition, etc.) in the photo spontaneously came together all at once.

Elena never expected her photos to become so popular. From the very beginning, photography was just a hobby and her photos were just for her and her family. A few weeks after she uploaded them to Flickr, the reactions and positive feedback were overwhelming. People all over the world are enamored with her magical photos.

“I feel puzzled over my head-spinning success online and over the fact that my pictures have gone viral with millions of clicks, views, likes and shares,” Elena admits. “All I do is try my best in photography, and I know that tastes differ. My pictures represent the way I see the world. And I’m pleased with the fact that so many people like them too!”

One winter night

Visit Elena’s photostream to see more of her photography.

Previous episode: Photographer’s dog stars in adorable photos.

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A global day of #Flickr10 Photo Walks

#sfflickrmeetup crew

As part of the celebration of Flickr’s 10th birthday we’re putting a call out for a global day of Flickr photo walks! Let’s continue to celebrate 10 years of the best photo community by gathering with Flickreenos new and old and set out to document the world around us.

It’s all happening on Sunday, 4 May 2014, and we need you to help organize the photo walks in your area. Hook up with your favorite Flickr group or call on long-lost Flickr members who you haven’t seen in a while. Invite friends and family, invite people from your work, your social scene, or your virtual networks. Start a scavenger hunt, explore the history of your city or town, climb a hill, sail a boat, take pictures of bridges–whatever your fancy, join us!

How to get involved

  • Join the #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks group and start a discussion topic for the area where you’re going to organize your photo walk. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the group discussions and share ideas for fun ways to organize photo walks.
  • Go to the Flickr Meetup groups and find your city or region. If there isn’t already an announcement, start your own and let other Meetup members know about it: www.meetup.com/flickr/

NYC Flickr Meetup, Brooklyn Bridge Park, 4/14/12

Spread the word

*Share the announcement with your friends through Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

*Remember to ask folks to tag their pictures and updates with #Flickr10photowalk. Adding this tag to your photo will automatically add your photo to the #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks group pool.

*Consider also tagging your photos with #Flickr10 and #YourCity (using the city where you are organizing your photowalk).

WE / ArtMuseumGarden

Tips for organizing a photo walk

Meet at a cafe, park, or public plaza — Be sure everyone can easily find the meetup location.

Pick a good time — We recommend starting around mid morning or mid-to-late afternoon. Aim for a 1-2 hour walk.

Make it short — A big group tends to walk quite slowly and it’s better to cover a small area really well than to sprint through a longer walk.

Have everyone tag their photos — Remember to ask folks to tag their pictures and updates with a unique tag (#Flickr10Photowalk) and the location of your walk so you can easily find the photos later.

Be prepared — Try to familiarize yourself with the area before the walk. You can also organize guest speakers to talk about the route or the photo walk’s topic like local art or history. This will help engage the others joining you for the walk and make it memorable. :)

End at an oasis — Pick somewhere that serves food or drink for the final destination of your photo walk and inquire if reservations are necessary. Share the location with participants upfront in case someone gets lost along the way or wants to join later on. Ideally it’s a venue suitable for all ages particularly if you’re expecting under-21s to come along, otherwise a nice pub is quite social as well.

Ushers – People walk at different speeds so it’s good to have ushers to keep the crowd together. Ask your friends to help or get volunteers at the start of the event.

Local residents — Some photo walks are going to be in and around where people live or work. Please be respectful and keep your group from blocking public access areas.

Accessibility – If you’re expecting participants who are disabled, it helps to pick a route that is short and is wheelchair friendly (the fewer hills, the better).

Be reachable — Share a contact phone number, email address or nominate a Twitter feed for updates on location.

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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 4: Macro

Hibiscus: Up close and personal

Clematis heart Yellow flower - yellow bug

Hot Hot Hot

In the Pink Eye Mirror Portrait

Dessert The learning tunnel

#28 - hoverlfy

Coccinelle asiatique Melyrid Beetle (Yellow Soft-winged Flower Beetle) - Carphurus sp.

Here’s a selection of outstanding macro photography submitted to the #Flickr10 group in celebration of our 10th anniversary. From the anatomy of a hibiscus flower to a lit matchstick to a sedentary fly, the fine details of tiny things are captured with exceptional clarity.

Check out our previous Samplr themes: Animals | Skywards | People

Stay tuned for six more Samplrs and thanks for your group contributions!

Photos from John ‘K’, Pfish44, SabineausL, - Burning Rubber -, Lú_, ♫CoolMcFlash♫, erwannf, Julien Chil, .pd33, virginiefort, and Rundstedt B. Rovillos.

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#FlickrFriday: I’m only human

Also available in: Français


Auto Retrato // Self Portrait #ImOnlyHuman | Weltwohnung, Berlin Kreuzberg

#ImOnlyHuman#for Flickr Friday

I'm Only Human Learning

In The Arms of An Angel

Human boo-boo #ImOnlyHuman


Because sometimes being "serious" is just boring ;) Noir Self-Portrait

I'm Only Human

Our last Flickr Friday theme was #ImOnlyHuman. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

What does being human mean? It sounds like a question Hamlet would ask! Last #FlickrFriday you reconnected with your inner self and showed us different aspects of the being human: laughter and smiles, tears and loneliness, love and desire (for chocolate) etc. Some of you also thought that being serious is obviously very boring and played around with your picture to make us smile!

Check out all the galleries of favorites that you’ve been sharing with us, create your own and share it with us too.

Photos from 雁行, DTL Dario Tripi’Ñon, William Veder, maîcresse, Derek Hall, hinichi, What The Machhli, Macro-roni, memeo1, madamyaoy, Une croquette hors de son paquet, Tom Hilton, Daveography.ca

The theme for next week will be #TheBusStop. In bad or good weather, on a road in the middle of the desert, in a deep forest or in a bustling street… there is always a bus stop somewhere! Take a shot of it and hop on board for Flickr Friday! Share your picture with us in the Flickr Friday group. The selection of the week will be showcased right here in FlickrBlog. Don’t forget to invite your friends to take part in the challenge by retweeting us, or sharing our status.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Rainbow of color in Iran’s Nasir al-Mulk Mosque


Winter Prayer Hall Masjed Nasir-al-Molk Mosque Shiraz Iran

When the sun is gone

Winter Prayer Hall Masjed Nasir-al-Molk Mosque Shiraz Iran

Iran, Shiraz, Masjed-e Nasir-al-Mulk (Nasir al-Mulk Mosque), Islamic Architecture

The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, is one of the more visually stunning buildings in the world. The famous stained glass windows cast a rainbow of vibrant colors on the walls and floor of the mosque during certain hours of the day. View more photos of the mosque in the Pink Mosque’s Rainbow Colors gallery.

Photos from Maryam Zamani, hn, anisk, and MY2200.

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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 3: Animals


10 Weeks 7 - Hey You ! Yes, You with the camera! Approach your ear. I wanna tell you something !


Freedom... Queen Charlotte Sound-Dolphins

Polar Bear

Heya TED en peligro (Explore!)

Getting up close and personal - Explored FP

What Are You Looking At?

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we asked you to share your favorite photos from the past 10 years in the #Flickr10 group. And with this group of superb photo submissions, we’ve picked out Samplr themes to showcase the variety of what’s been shared. It started with Skywards and People; and here, we continue with Animals for the 3rd edition.

Stay tuned for seven more Samplrs and thanks for your group contributions!

Photos from Ricardo Venerando, Lou Bert, aminefassi, kuburovic.natasa, John ‘K’, Matt Lief Anderson, Håkan Dahlström, scrumpy 10, Jimbob2312, zeniale, juanedc, crafty1tutu, and Jayhawk Explorer.

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#TwitterTuesday: Window

Also available in: Français


City Sentinels II

Tapiola swimming hall

Roundup 7/9: Halloween self-portrait ghostly window tone mapped

Windows to the world

Defenestration _MG_0096

A glimpse of Sky @ RIBA

Construction worker at Tanglang la on Sunday, India

Cabins area And it flew away...

You're Never Alone in Llandudno!

Windows can be open, closed, big or small — a simple opening in the wall that lets us discover a whole new world and touches our senses. Windows also show the unique personalities of the people decorating them: the weather outside, an everyday landscape or outstanding one. You made us perceive the world differently by showing us your amazing photos. Lean on the windowsill and take a moment to look at all the wonderful submissions whether they are of the world around us seen through a window or encourage us to imagine the life that takes place behind them.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge directly in your feed. We will be back with the new theme next Tuesday.

Photos from Phoebe_W, Sky Noir, Antti Tassberg, Brother O’Mara, gferry, chengkiang, _jwong, electro8, CardiganKate, sandeepachetan.com, JamesV34, Ashu Mittal, and Just_Bernard.

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Captivating spring blooms

Running in the rapeseed field

A host of golden daffodils Enjoying spring time

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Escholzia caespitosa, TUFTED POPPY

Meadow Gold

Field of poppies panorama

Now that we’re two days away from the official beginning of the spring season, expect to see plenty of floral landscapes in Explore.

Seen here: Early blooms of rapeseed, daffodils, tulips, poppies dominate meadows and fields, creating delightful nature scenery from China to Israel.

See, and share, more dazzling photos in the Full Blooms gallery.

Photos from Melinda ^..^, Graham Dash, Kirsten Storm, puppet.show, openspacer, Bill Shupp, and noam_adir.

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Welcome the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office to The Commons!

Waterman's Dock, Hobart (c1900)

J.W. Toplis Chemists, Cnr of Liverpool and Elizabeth Streets Hobart (c1900)

Murray Street looking south from Bathurst Street Hobart, including T. Stump the butcher's store (c1910)

Hobart from Lenna, Battery Point (c1900)

Ferry Kangaroo on the slip, Tasmania (c1910)

Our latest member of The Commons is the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO). The TAHO brings together the collections and resources of the Archives Office of Tasmania, the State Library’s Heritage Collections and the Launceston Local Studies Collection to provide the Tasmanian community with unprecedented access to information about their cultural and documentary heritage to create more awareness, better understanding and easier access to the community’s documentary heritage.

The TAHO collections constitute a large and significant portion of the “memory” of Tasmania’s community. Additionally TAHO regulates the preservation and eventual destruction or retention of State and local government records in Tasmania and seeks to acquire private records which have long-term value to the community and best document the political, social, cultural, economic and natural history of Tasmania.

The TAHO joins with nearly 800 photos. The 25 initial sets include topics like The Tasmanian Wilderness, Tasmanian Lighthouses, Sports in Tasmania, and the visit of Queen Elisabeth II in Tasmania. We hope you enjoy the collection, and invite you to contribute your knowledge through meaningful comments and tags to the photos.

Photos from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

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