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View of Big Ben from Westminster Bridge

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A view of Big Ben (properly known as St Stephen's Tower). Big Ben is actually the clock inside the tower. Taken from Westminster Bridge on a cold and snowy morning in February, 2009. And yes, those are great big snow flakes coming down!

*FOOTNOTE - as the discussion below shows, the tower is best and more properly known at the Clock Tower.

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  1. Jessicastjohn 61 months ago | reply

    Hi Bigben, no, I don't mind at all - and you are quite right. I was just being sloppy and a little dash-hand with my comments. I'll leave my initial comment as it is for this one, otherwise you're comment won't make sense to anyone else. but I'll correct it on the others I took that day.

    I walk across Westminster Bridge to work every morning. I've been working in Parliament for 16 years and never see either the clock or the tower quite like this before. It was quite a magical morning.

  2. The Duke of Waltham 60 months ago | reply

    Someone named "BigBen" ought to know, eh? :-D

    I completely agree with the comment, although, I have to say, it is somewhat vague what exactly the tower's name is, considering how popular the "Big Ben" nickname is. The official name is "Clock Tower", of course, but apparently it's not the only name. The issue has been hotly debated in Wikipedia in recent months.

    One way or another, it is a truly beautiful landmark, and this is a magical shot of it.

    (Heh, I wonder how well the half-past chimes sounded in such weather.)

  3. Messiaen 58 months ago | reply

    Isn't St Stephen's the one in the middle? I didn't go to work that day (just around the corner), though I remember it well!

    Edit: Having now read the previous comments, I guess the above is partially irrelevant!!

    Seen in the group"100 View Club" (?)

  4. Jessicastjohn 58 months ago | reply

    Not irrelevant, Messiaen - and quite right. The tower above St Stephen's Entrance is officially known as St Stephen's tower. We've lost a comment from the middle of the conversation, which makes it all seem a little confused.

  5. IseFire 55 months ago | reply

    A remarkable photo. Swirling snow around London is certainly not common.

    As alluded to in previous comments: This is not St. Stephen's Tower. This is officially known simply as the Clock Tower. St. Stephen's Tower is the tower above the Members' Entrance into St. Stephen's Hall.


    It is an extremely common misperception that either the Clock Tower or the Central Tower, the octagonal spired tower above the Central Lobby, is officially named "St. Stephen's Tower." I do not know how these erroneous interpretations began, but they are certainly pervasive.

  6. Jessicastjohn 55 months ago | reply

    Thanks :)

    We lost some comments from the middle of the discussion, which makes it all somewhat confusing, but you are right, yes. But if I change the initial comment, it will make even less sense!

  7. The Duke of Waltham 55 months ago | reply

    Indeed, I am personally an advocate of archival accuracy and against revisionism. But I do think that the addition of a footnote would be warranted on occasion. :-P

    The comments lost belong(ed) to a person whose account seems to have vanished (BigBen something); I remember looking for him some time ago, to no avail. I understand that comments by deleted accounts normally remain in place, with [deleted] added to the author's name; in this case, the comments may have been consciously removed. It's one of the things I most dislike about the Internet: the general lack of permanency. The Palace of Westminster embodies a stability that no longer existed even at the time of its construction, more than 150 years ago.

  8. Jessicastjohn 55 months ago | reply

    Footnote added :)

  9. IseFire 55 months ago | reply

    The footnote seems a good solution.

  10. yana.ukraine 42 months ago | reply

    Lovely photo... like a wonderfully caught moment from a fairy tale scene... so dreamy and so soulful...

  11. David IFA 34 months ago | reply

    Found this on google images looking for best place to take shot of Big Ben. Great shot!

  12. Jessicastjohn 18 months ago | reply

    Thank you David

  13. RestlessFiona 18 months ago | reply

    Such a wonderful image. Brilliant.

  14. Jessicastjohn 18 months ago | reply

    Thank you :) Looking back at these photos almost makes me wish for winter!