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Bills before Parliament 2013-14

Listed below are all Bills currently before Parliament. Any Bills which start in the Lords have [HL] in their title. Explanatory Notes and Amendments are on each Bill's individual page.

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Commons Access to Mental Health Services Bill 23.01.2014
Commons Additional Charges for Utility Bills Not Paid by Direct Debit (Limits) Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Adventure and Gap Year Activity Companies (Accreditation and Inspection) Bill 27.02.2014
Lords Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill [HL] 11.11.2013
Commons Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill [HL] 27.02.2014
Commons Animal Welfare (Electronic Collars) Bill 28.02.2014
Royal Assent Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 14.03.2014
Commons Apprenticeships and Skills (Public Procurement Contracts) Bill 19.11.2013
Lords Arbitration and Mediation (Equality) Services Bill [HL] 15.05.2013
Commons Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 14.02.2014
Lords Assisted Dying Bill [HL] 16.05.2013
Commons Asylum (Time Limit) Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Asylum Seekers (Return to Nearest Safe Country) Bill 12.02.2014
Lords BBC (Trustee Election and Licence Fee) Bill [HL] 31.07.2013
Commons BBC Licence Fee (Civil Debt) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons BBC Privatisation Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Benefit Claimants (Automatic Transfer to Alternative Benefits) Bill 20.12.2013
Commons Benefit Entitlement (Restriction) Bill 20.01.2014
Commons Brown Hare (Protection) Bill 19.03.2014
Lords Buckinghamshire County Council (Filming on Highways) Bill 13.03.2014
Commons Capital Punishment Bill 27.01.2014
Commons Care Bill [HL] 12.03.2014
Commons Causing Death by Driving Whilst Disqualified Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Charitable Status for Religious Institutions Bill 16.01.2014
Commons Child Maltreatment Bill 03.03.2014
Royal Assent Children and Families Act 2014 14.03.2014
Royal Assent Citizenship (Armed Forces) Act 2014 14.03.2014
Royal Assent City of London (Various Powers) Act 2013 19.12.2013
Lords Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment (Amendment) Bill [HL] 22.07.2013
Lords Cohabitation Rights Bill [HL] 10.10.2013
Commons Collection of Nationality Data Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Communication Support (Deafness) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Communications (Unsolicited Telephone Calls and Texts) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Community Hospitals Bill 11.02.2014
Commons Consumer Rights Bill 14.03.2014
Commons Control of Offshore Wind Turbines Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Bill [HL] 18.03.2014
Commons Co-operative and Social Enterprise (Development) Bill 13.03.2014
Commons Coroners and Justice (Amendment) Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Credit Union (Armed Forces) Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 14.03.2014
Lords Cultural and Community Distribution Deregulation Bill [HL] 08.07.2013
Commons Decarbonisation Bill 07.02.2014
Lords Deep Sea Mining Bill 19.03.2014
Lords Defamation (Parliamentary Proceedings) (Amendment) Bill [HL] 11.10.2013
Lords Defence Reform Bill 19.03.2014
Commons Delivery Surcharges (Transparency for Consumers) Bill 03.03.2014
Commons Department of Energy and Climate Change (Abolition) Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Deregulation Bill 14.03.2014
Commons Descendants of Deceased Adopted People (Access to Information) Bill 27.01.2014
Lords Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill [HL] 04.03.2014
Commons Domestic Violence (Legal Framework) Bill 27.02.2014
Commons Drink Driving (Repeat Offenders) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Driving Offences (Review of Sentencing Guidelines) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Driving Whilst Disqualified (Repeat Offenders) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Drug Driving (Assessment of Drug Misuse) Bill 03.03.2014
Commons Education (Information Sharing) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Electoral Register (Access to Public Services) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Electronic Patient Records (Continuity of Care) Bill 10.03.2014
Commons Employment Opportunities Bill 06.03.2014
Royal Assent Energy Act 2013 19.12.2013
Commons Energy Demand Reduction Bill 03.03.2014
Lords Equality (Titles) Bill [HL] 09.12.2013
Lords Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 21.05.2013
Commons Equality and Diversity (Reform) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons EU Membership (Audit of Costs and Benefits) Bill 06.03.2014
Commons European Communities Act 1972 (Repeal) Bill 06.03.2014
Royal Assent European Union (Approvals) Act 2014 31.01.2014
Lords European Union (Referendum) Bill 03.02.2014
Lords European Union (Withdrawal) Bill [HL] 16.05.2013
Commons Executive Pay and Remuneration Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Extension of Franchise (House of Lords) Bill [HL] 27.01.2014
Commons Face Coverings (Prohibition) Bill 06.03.2014
Royal Assent Finance Act 2013 18.07.2013
Royal Assent Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 19.12.2013
Lords Firearms (Amendment) Bill [HL] 14.05.2013
Commons Fishing Grounds and Territorial Waters (Repatriation) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Flooding Prevention for New Developments Bill 26.02.2014
Commons Football Governance Bill 25.02.2014
Commons Foreign Aid Ring-Fencing (Abolition) Bill 13.01.2014
Commons Foreign National Offenders (Exclusion from the United Kingdom) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Foreign Nationals (Access to Public Services) Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Freedom of Information (Private Healthcare Companies) Bill 25.02.2014
Commons Funding for Local Authorities Bill 25.11.2013
Commons Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill 19.03.2014
Commons Gangmasters Licensing Authority (Extension of Powers) Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Gibraltar (Maritime Protection) Bill 11.02.2014
Commons Government Departments (Amalgamation of Scotland Office, Wales Office and Northern Ireland Office) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Graduated Driving Licence Scheme Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Hate Crime (People with Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities) Bill 06.03.2014
Lords Health and Social Care (Amendment) (Food Standards) Bill [HL] 03.12.2013
Royal Assent Hertfordshire County Council (Filming on Highways) Act 2014 11.02.2014
Commons High Cost Credit Bill 28.02.2014
Commons High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill 06.02.2014
Royal Assent High Speed Rail (Preparation) Act 2013 22.11.2013
Commons House of Commons Members' Fund Bill 03.03.2014
Commons House of Lords (Maximum Membership) Bill 06.03.2014
Lords House of Lords Reform (No. 2) Bill 19.03.2014
Lords House of Lords Reform Bill [HL] 16.05.2013
Commons Housing Benefit and Universal Credit in the Social Housing Sector (Regular Payments) Bill 27.02.2014
Royal Assent Humber Bridge Act 2013 30.01.2014
Commons Illegal Immigrants (Criminal Sanctions) Bill 20.01.2014
Lords Immigration Bill 19.03.2014
Lords Immigration Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill [HL] 11.06.2013
Commons Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Bill [HL] 13.03.2014
Lords Intellectual Property Bill [HL] 19.03.2014
Royal Assent International Development (Gender Equality) Act 2014 14.03.2014
Commons International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Investment Management (Fiduciary Duties) Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Jobs Guarantee Scheme (Research) Bill 14.02.2014
Royal Assent Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Act 2014 14.03.2014
Commons Letting Agents (Competition, Choice and Standards) Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles (Closed Circuit Television) Bill 07.02.2014
Lords Littering from Vehicles Bill [HL] 22.07.2013
Commons Lobbyists (Registration of Code of Conduct) Bill 11.11.2013
Royal Assent Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 31.01.2014
Commons Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 (Amendment) Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Local Government (Religious etc. Observances) Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Local Government (Review of Decisions) Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Local Government Boundary Commission (Public Representations) Bill 14.02.2014
Royal Assent London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2013 19.12.2013
Commons Margaret Thatcher Day Bill 03.03.2014
Lords Marriage (Approved Organisations) Bill [HL] 17.05.2013
Royal Assent Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 18.07.2013
Commons Married Couples (Tax Allowance) Bill 22.11.2013
Commons Medical Innovation (No. 2) Bill 25.11.2013
Lords Medical Innovation Bill [HL] 16.05.2013
Lords Medicinal Labelling Bill [HL] 28.10.2013
Commons Mental Health Outcomes (Measurement) Bill 07.02.2014
Lords Mesothelioma (Amendment) Bill [HL] 29.01.2014
Royal Assent Mesothelioma Act 2014 31.01.2014
Lords Mutuals’ Redeemable Shares Bill [HL] 23.07.2013
Lords National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill [HL] 17.05.2013
Commons National Insurance (Renaming) Bill 06.03.2014
Royal Assent National Insurance Contributions Act 2014 14.03.2014
Commons National Service Bill 06.03.2014
Royal Assent Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 14.03.2014
Royal Assent Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014 14.03.2014
Commons Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Abolition) Bill 07.02.2014
Lords Online Safety Bill [HL] 09.12.2013
Commons Parental Bereavement Leave (Statutory Entitlement) Bill 11.02.2014
Commons Pensions Bill 18.03.2014
Commons Permitted Development (Basements) Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Planning Regulations (Removal of Provisions in Respect of Gypsies and Travellers) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Prime Minister (Replacement) Bill 03.03.2014
Commons Prisoners (Completion of Custodial Sentences) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Prisons (Drug Testing) Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Private Landlords and Letting and Managing Agents (Regulation) Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Private Rented Sector Bill 13.03.2014
Commons Property Blight Compensation Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Public Interest Disclosure (Amendment) Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Public Services (Ownership and User Involvement) Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Railways Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Recall of Elected Representative Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Registration of Stillbirths Bill 03.03.2014
Commons Regulation of Refractive Eye Surgery Bill 25.02.2014
Commons Regulation of the Private Rented Sector Bill 06.03.2014
Commons Representation of the People Act 1981 (Amendment) Bill 16.01.2014
Commons Residential Roads (Adoption by Local Highways Authority) Bill 12.02.2014
Lords Rights of the Sovereign and the Duchy of Cornwall Bill [HL] 13.01.2014
Commons Romanian and Bulgarian Accession (Labour Restriction) Bill 03.03.2014
Commons Sale of Tickets (Sporting and Cultural Events) Bill 05.03.2014
Commons Same Sex Marriage (Referendum) Bill 22.11.2013
Commons School Governing Bodies (Adverse Weather Conditions) Bill 12.02.2014
Lords Scottish Referendum (Consultation) Bill [HL] 30.01.2014
Commons Selective Licensing (Housing Standards) Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Sentencing Escalator Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Sex Establishments (Regulation) Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Sexual Impropriety in Employment Bill 06.02.2014
Commons Slavery Bill 22.11.2013
Commons Smoking (Private Members’ Clubs) Bill 12.02.2014
Lords Social Care Portability Bill [HL] 16.05.2013
Commons Specialist Printing Equipment and Materials (Offences) Bill 14.02.2014
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Anticipation and Adjustments) Act 2014 14.03.2014
Royal Assent Supply and Appropriation (Main Estimates) Act 2013 18.07.2013
Commons Surveillance of Telecommunications (Judicial Oversight) Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Train Companies (Minimum Fares) Bill 14.02.2014
Royal Assent Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 31.01.2014
Commons Transport for London Bill [HL] 18.03.2014
Commons United Kingdom (Withdrawal from the European Union) Bill 13.01.2014
Commons United Kingdom Corporate and Individual Tax and Financial Transparency Bill 06.02.2014
Commons United Kingdom Parliament (Sovereignty) Bill 03.03.2014
Commons United Kingdom Register of Places Bill 14.02.2014
Commons Unsolicited Telephone Calls (Caller Line Identification) Bill 03.03.2014
Lords Unsolicited Telephone Communications Bill [HL] 18.12.2013
Commons Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Bill 11.02.2014
Lords Voting Age (Comprehensive Reduction) Bill [HL] 28.10.2013
Lords Water Bill 19.03.2014
Commons Wind Farm Subsidies (Abolition) Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Winter Fuel Allowance Payments (Off Gas Grid Claimants) Bill 28.02.2014
Commons Withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights and Removal of Alleged Terrorists Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Young Apprenticeships Bill 07.02.2014
Commons Young Offenders (Parental Responsibility) Bill 12.02.2014
Commons Zero Hours Contracts Bill 06.03.2014

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