HS2 Higgins report welcomed

Lord Berkeley

David Higgins’ Review had some very sensible suggestions, including extending the line to Crewe at an early stage to avoid the traffic jam that would be caused by all those trains from HS2 and WCML converging onto the WCML there. I also welcome the removing the HS1-2 link; it was never fit for purpose, either…

No sales here, please. We’re Peers.

Lord Tyler

Now here’s a parliamentary irony.   Had I booked a room in the Commons end of the Palace of Westminster last week to celebrate some political anniversaries, and the publication of my new book “Who Decides?”, I would have been permitted to sell copies to the friends and colleagues who attended.   MPs and former MPs may…

A Unique Meeting

Lord Hylton

I have just come back from an unusual, possibly unique, meeting.  Iraqis from Iraq and England came together with some Israelis and Palestinians, the latter from both Gaza and recognized Israel.  The gathering took place on neutral ground, in Cyprus.  The dominant Shia tradition was present at a distinguished level, while the Sunnis had to…

Counter Terrorism Practices

Lord Hylton

My Question for Short Debate on 27th February 2014 I concentrated on Indefinite Detention without trial, and on killings of terrorist suspects by missiles launched from drones together with nearby civilians.  The Government reply failed to deal with these points and left me disappointed. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201314/ldhansrd/text/140227-gc0001.htm#14022777000346

Priorities and Trivia

Baroness Deech

I have noticed a new, irrational, approach to burying issues that the coalition does not like, and that is to label them “trivial” or to say that “we have more urgent priorities”. It came up in Any Questions on radio 4 today in relation to prenuptial contracts, and it was used to deflect my recent attempt…

Provisions for same-sex marriage

Lord Norton

On Thursday, the House of Lords approved various orders under the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 to enable same-sex marriages to take place.  You can read the debate here.  The Government has managed to complete the necessary administrative action ahead of schedule, with the effect that the first marriage will be able to take place…