Lights, Camera, Parliament!

Lights, Camera, Parliament! 2012-13

This national film competition asks both primary and secondary students across the UK: 'If you could make one law, what would it be?'

This year’s competition has now closed.

About the competition

To take part in the competition, primary and secondary students up to age 16 submit a short film about a new law they would like to introduce in the UK. They can choose any issue they care about but films must not be more than three minutes long.

All films are uploaded and hosted on the Makewaves website, a safe social media site designed specifically for schools and students. There you will also find:

  • Regularly updated 'Be Inspired' topics to get your students thinking
  • A downloadable 'Student Brief' handout
  • Full terms and conditions

The closing date for the competition was 18 February 2013.

Visit the website.


Online resources about lawmaking

Watch a short video and read about how Parliament's three parts work together to make UK law. And browse our subject guide dedicated to listing the best online resources for explaining how laws are made by Parliament.


Competition entries and enquiries

Education Service
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 2TT
020 7219 4496

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