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Download our free iPhone app and grow your knowledge of Parliament on the move.

ParliQuiz is aimed at A level students learning about politics, Parliament and democracy.

The quiz app contains nearly 100 multiple-choice questions grouped into five topics:

  • Parliament explained
  • Making laws
  • Democracy at work
  • Citizenship in action
  • Holding the government to account



  • Select a topic to practice on, then take a challenge to test your understanding.

  • Choose how many questions to answer.

  • Receive feedback on each of your answers at the end of the quiz.

  • Track your progress across the five topics.

  • Find your local MP and constituency based on your current location or postcode.


Download the app now

ParliQuiz is free to download from the iPhone App Store. Please note that it requires an iTouch, iPhone or iPad.

Educational games

  • Could you cut it as an MP? Designed for 11-16 year-olds, this game drops you into the shoes of a backbencher.

  • Dangling from the world’s most famous clock you’ll need to clean its face before time expires.

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