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Parliament, laws and you

Ages 7-11
Parliament, Laws and You kS2 Teaching Resource

This illustrated booklet for key stage 2 pupils covers the basics of Parliament and law-making. 

Parliament, laws and you

Notes for Parliament, laws and you

Through the story of Froggypop students will learn:

  • What laws are and how they are made
  • What Parliament is
  • How MPs and Lords are appointed and what they do
  • The role of the Monarch

 Y Senedd, cyfreithiau a chi (PDF PDF 3.48 MB)


My Parliamentary Scrap Book

Ages 11-14
KS3 Parliament Teaching Resource

Designed for key stage 3 students, My Parliamentary Scrap Book covers a year in Parliament.


My Parliamentary Scrap Book

Notes for My Parliamentary Scrap Book

Key stage 3 students will learn the basics about:

  • Elections and voting (including School Councils)
  • State opening
  • What Parliament is
  • How a law is made
  • MPs and Lords
  • The Suffragettes
  • Debating and campaigning

 Fy Llyfr Lloffion Senneddol (PDF PDF 4.43 MB)


The Tower of Power

Ages 14-16

This magazine style booklet for key stage 4 students explains what happens in Parliament.

The Tower of Power

Notes for The Tower of Power

The booklet includes:

  • Elections and voting: types of voting systems and election, voting age, political parties
  • Campaigning and lobbying: ways to get involved in politics and contact politicians
  • The House of Commons, House of Lords and the Queen
  • MPs and Lords: who they are and what they do
  • Overview of Government departments and the Cabinet
  • How laws are made and why we have them

Y Twr Pwer (PDF PDF 3.38 MB)


Find Your Way

Ages 16-18
KS5 Parliament Teaching Resource

This reference guide to Parliament is based around the A-level Government and Politics syllabus.


Find Your Way

Notes for Find Your Way

It covers:

  • An overview of the history of Parliament
  • The role of democracy and what it is
  • The constitution and the EU
  • The House of Commons and House of Lords
  • Legislation and the law-making process
  • Elections and voting
  • Political parties
  • Pressure groups and lobbying
  • How to get involved with politics and campaigning

Y Senedd Canfod Eich Ffordd (PDF PDF 5.34 MB)


Free publications

Key Stage 2 publication: Parliament, Laws and YouOrder Parliament, Laws and You, My Parliamentary Scrapbook, Tower of Power and Find Your Way for your students. The free publications are available in packs of 30.

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