Guide to using Advanced search

Text search fields

Each of the Boolean Operators (AND, OR & NOT) will have their own dedicated search fields and a separate field for phrase searching. The fields will appear in this order and be labelled as follows:


All these words

Any terms added to this field will be ‘anded’ together.

This exact wording or phrase

Any terms added to this field will be searched on exactly as they are added. No truncation should be included. If spelling error occurs the user should be given access to the ‘did you mean functionality’.

One or more of these words

This field will be presented as three search boxes with an ‘OR’ in between each search field. This will guide the user and help them understand what the effect of using this field will be.

Don’t show results with any of these words

Any results that include words added to this field will not be returned.

Free text search box

This field would allow advanced users to created more complicated search strings using a wider range of search syntax

Terms on both side of this operator must be present somewhere in the document in order to be scored as a result

Terms on either side of this operator are sufficient to be scored as a result

Documents containing the term after this operator are rejected from the results set

Exclusive OR with this retrieve either one term or the other that appear either side of the operator not both

Brackets can be used to refine searches or force searches to be carried out in a particular order it is possible to use brackets to group terms together.

“..” or ‘..’ 
Single or double quotes Allows the user to search for an exact match on what appears within the single or double quotes

Retrieves results which have the terms used within the range stated

The ‘?’ character can be used to replace just one character in a word, as above can be used anywhere in the word.

Member’s Name

This field will allow users to search by a Member’s name. The user will be able to start typing the name they require into the box as they do so a list of `names will appear from which they will be able to pick the required Member’s name.

PQ Number

Questions that have been laid or that have been answered are given an identifying number. It is possible that some users may wish to search on this number where it is known. It is possible that PQ numbers are duplicated as they are re-used. The ‘PQ number’ field will appear under the ‘Refining options’ section of the Advanced Search screen

Advanced search

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