Educational Games and Teaching Resources - Citizenship, Politics and Government

Can challenging gameplay bring Parliament and politics to life for your students? We think so. 

The Campaign Trail

Key stage 2
The Campaign Trail Educational Game

An engaging look at active citizenship, ways of making your voice heard, and the influence of pressure groups and the media.

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Get the Houses in Order!

Key stage 2
Get the Houses in Order Educational Game

Step inside the iconic buildings of the Palace of Westminster and fill in the missing pieces, with this fun educational activity.

Along the way, students will learn about what Parliament does, who works there, and how it affects them.

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13-15 years
MyUK Educational Game

Take charge of Britain and create a country to call your own. 

Choose and pass new laws, customise your country and pursue your personal vision of the UK.

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MP For A Week

Key stages 3 & 4
MP for a Week School Activity

Step into the shoes of a backbench MP. There's plenty to do from making laws and speeches to dealing with the media, government ministers and your constituents.

But can you keep your party and voters happy to survive the week?

Winner of four major digital awards  

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Race Against Chime

All ages
Big Ben Classroom Game

Big Ben needs you to swing into action! Dangling from the Clock Tower can you clean the world's most famous clock face in time for its 150th anniversary party? You'll also discover fun facts about Big Ben in this addictive game.

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Start playing MyUKTake charge of Britain, make new laws, and create a country to call your own.

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