Transport subsidy scheme for schools

School Trips to the Houses of Parliament

State schools planning to visit Parliament may be eligible to have their travel costs subsidised under this scheme.

How schools can apply

By contributing to schools' travel costs Parliament hopes to give more students across the UK the opportunity to come to London and learn how Parliament works first hand.

School eligibility

State schools in the purple zones on the map are eligible under the scheme to submit a claim for a percentage of their travel costs. See also the list of eligible constituencies (PDF PDF 197 KB).

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How the scheme works

The scheme is currently available to cover schools booking visits through Parliament's Education Service.

Qualifying schools will be sent an application form. Complete and return the form before you visit. Following your visit, Parliament will reimburse a percentage of your school's travel costs provided you submit your travel receipts within 30 days.

Reimbursement levels

  • Band B - 50% of costs - up to a maximum of £800
  • Band C - 75% of costs - up to a maximum of £1600

Audit requirements for this scheme require subsidies to be paid in arrears.

Terms and conditions

Eligible schools may claim a transport subsidy once per financial year. The scheme applies only to visits arranged through Parliament's Education Service. A transport subsidy cannot be claimed against visits arranged through Members of Parliament.


Get in touch with any queries about how the scheme works. Call Sian Davies from the Transport Subsidy Scheme on 020 7219 0688 or email


Booking and enquiries

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