The content on this page relates to the work of the Committee until the Dissolution of Parliament on 12 April 2010.

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  • Economic Affairs Committee from May 2010

Economic Affairs Committee

The Economic Affairs Committee is one of the five permanent investigative committees in the House of Lords and is charged with considering economic affairs.

The Committee examines the operation of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England as well as other macroeconomic issues and more specific economic topics.

The Committee€™s main function is to examine matters within its remit with which Parliament ought to be concerned, and to report to the House of Lords with recommendations for government action. Each inquiry leads to a report, published together with the evidence on which it is based, setting out the Committee€™s findings and making recommendations to the Government and others.

The Committee is usually made up of thirteen members, appointed by the House for each Session of Parliament.

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Latest news

Private Finance Projects and off-balance sheet debt

The Committee has completed its inquiry and its report and accompanying volume of evidence were published on 17 March 2010.

Banking Supervision and Regulation

The Government's Response to the report on Banking Supervision and Regulation was published on 22 September 2009.

The Committee published its report on ' Banking Supervision and Regulation' on Tuesday 2 June 2009.

Renewable Energy Report debated

The House of Lords debated the Committee's report on the Economics of Renewable Energy on Tuesday 24 February.

Government responds to Committee Renewable Energy report

The Committee published the Government's response to its report, The Economics of Renewable Energy, on Monday 16 February 2009.

Chancellor appears before Committee

The Committee heard evidence from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling MP, on Tuesday 3 February 2009, in an evidence session that covered a broad range of issues relating to the British economy.

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Current Inquiries

Banking Supervision and Regulation

Following the recent turmoil in the banking system, the Committee has launched an inquiry into banking supervision and regulation. The Committee looked at how banking is regulated in the UK and will sought to identify what improvements may be needed.

Recent Inquiries and Reports

Government Response to Economic Impact of Immigration (PDF) report published 11 June 2008

Lords Hansard: Immigration report - debated 14 November 2008