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The building & its collections

The building and its collections

One of most iconic buildings in the world, the Palace of Westminster and its fascinating collection of national treasures provide a unique perspective on the events that have shaped modern Britain

The evolution of Parliament

The evolution of Parliament

From meeting place of the King and his advisory council to the workplace of the representatives of the people in a 21st century democracy

People & Parliament transforming society

People & Parliament transforming society

Investigating the relationship between Parliament and the citizen and how dialogue, representation and protest have brought about progressive legislation and changes in society

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The Assassination of Spencer Perceval

May 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the assassination of British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, which took place in the lobby of the old House of Commons.

Houses of History

Watch this video to experience one thousand years of history at the Palace of Westminster in just three minutes. You will see the shift in power from the monarch to the people, the emergence of universal suffrage, and the amazing history of the Palace itself.

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