About the Wales Office

Last modified 27 November 2012 | Cymraeg

Established in 1999, the Wales Office supports the Secretary of State for Wales in ensuring the smooth working of the devolution settlement in Wales, and representing Welsh interests within the UK Government and the UK Government in Wales.

As well as being Wales’ voice in Westminster and Westminster’s voice in Wales, the Wales Office is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of Welsh legislation through Parliament and for financial transactions between the UK Government and the National Assembly for Wales. It also undertakes certain reserved functions for Wales.

The Wales Office is based in Gwydyr House,Whitehall,London.  The Wales Office also has staff based at Caspian Point, Cardiff Bay.

The current Secretary of State for Wales is the Rt Hon David Jones MP.  The Parliamentary Under Secretary’s of State for Wales are Baroness Randerson (House of Lords) and Stephen Crabb MP (House of Commons).

The Secretary of State is responsible for steering through Parliament legislation which concerns only Wales. Following the Government of Wales Act 2006, this now includes Orders in Council designed to enhance the Assembly’s legislative competence.